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Pusna or spring cake festival is one of the most important festivals celebrated by the hajong people.  This festival generally falls on january 14. In 2016 this festival fell on january 15. 


Pusna is a spring cake festival ,and one of the most important festivals of hajong people. Pusna is a solar event making one of the few traditional hajong festivals which falls on the same date in the Gregorian calendar every year that is january 14 with some expectations. It is the festival falling on the same date as makar sankranti with feasting of lasts in a week.


Traditionally, pusna is the festival of family to get together. This is the festival of gathering together in one place, because of busy schedules people do not have time for their family and friends due to their work schedule. On this day people get together by making and eating pi-tha. Pi-tha are made of glutinous rice flour.

This is the festival celebrated in the season of spring. To meet relatives and friends, ancestor worship,  honouring the sun , harvest feast with rice cakes,  puffs and rice wine are observed on the festival of pusna.

There are 14 census records that can tell us where and how ancestors worked, their level of education, vetaran status and more.


Pusna is also a surname used by approximately 2,138,576 most commonly family names on a global scale . It occurs especially in Europe,  where approx 91 percent of families live there. The last name of pusna is most commonly the surname taken by many of the families in The Ukraine. Ukraine is held at approx 66 % by the europeans.

Apart from Ukraine, the surname of pusna is also observed by two more countries like India which has gained approximately 8 % fond of pusna surname taken by them and Russia where 5 %of them have taken the surname of pusna.


This is the most popular festival of the fisherman community. They put themselves to more energy on this festival compared to other festivals. On this festival the fisherman earn more money than other festivals because the trend of fishing is more popular at that time. Fishermen earn enough for this festival as they can spend their lives for the year with enthusiasm. 

  • This festival is celebrated for the gains of harvest and fishes. 
  • This is the festival of getting together with family or friends.
  • On this day hajong people make different types of variety in food especially ground rice , traditional cakes with spring rice.
  • Scraped coconut , banana, and the juice of palmyra palm.
  • Some rice cakes are dipped fried and some cakes are steam with bamboo and banana leaves.
  • Pusna is the festival of spreading love , care, concern, happiness and the joy towards the family and friends. 
  • People get blessings with their elders . gifts are also given to each other.


Hajong is a tribal group native to the indian subcontinent. They are especially found in the northern states in bangladesh. Hajongs are predominated by rice farmers. The majority of hajongs are settled to the india. Hajongs have the status of tribe in india. Pusna is one of the most important festivals because during the time of pusna people get together and earn more compared to other festivals .

In hajong society within hajong culture , romantic love and widow remarriage is allowed and monogamy was the form of the hajong people. There was no dowry system allowed in marriage in the hajong society. The hajong would give a tolerable bride price called as pon. They are related to the religion of hinduism. They observe the rites and customs of hindus.

Hajong people have their own languages which was originally a tibeto burman language. Now it is considered as indo aryan language and spoken by more than 1,7500 of hajongs people. This language is written in nagari script. 

Hence we can say that this festival means a lot for the hajong people . and it is a festival of getting together with their busy schedules and eating the spring cake or rice.for the main food for pusna.

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