Happy Pongal 2021 Wishes, Images

Pongal is a popular festival celebrated among the Indians.This Festival is celebrated majorly in the Southern area of Tamil Nadu.This Occasion is celebrated with a great pomp and shower.This occasion defines the prosperity and enrichment of India. On this day , a grand celebration took place by organizing big or small gatherings.

This Festival is also known as ,’Harvesting Festival’. This Festival had a multi days celebration.This festival is celebrated according to Tamil solar calendar in the month of Tai.. On this day , an official holiday is granted. On this day , people visit the houses to celebrate this occasion with their family , friends and dear ones.

This day is celebrated to honor the natural resources , environment changes.This festival is majorly celebrated on ‘14th of January’. This festival is celebrated all over India but in a different manner according to religious values. This festival is celebrated on Makar sankranti.

On this day , traditional , religious and cultural celebration took place. People wear traditional new clothes..Ladies wear silk saree while men wear sarong.This occasion is three days …:

  • One day is ,’Bhogi Pongal’.
  • Second day of ,’Surya Pongal’.
  • Third day of ,’Mattu Pongal’.

This festival is celebrated because this is the first harvesting of rice of the year’.On this day , people thank God Sun to make light and heat on their agricultural field.On this day , people worship God and Goddess to thank them for the beautiful life.This day defines the ending of winter season.

In 2021 , this festival will begin from the ‘14th of Jan’ and ends on ‘17th of Jan’.On this day , the Sun changes its position and enters into ‘Zodiac Makara’ (capricorn).On this festival , with the celebration decoration and delicious food is practiced.On these days , markets are crowded.

The Meaning of ‘Pongal’ according to belief is ‘To Boil and Overflow the rice’ which is a traditional dish prepared during pongal.On this day , new harvested rice is used. The newly harvested rice mix is boiled in milk with jaggery..it is actually known as ‘Kheer’ (in some states).

On this day , People offer prayer to the Goddess Pongal , Cow.On this day , people greet or wish each other with gifts. On this day , it is tradition to make rangoli or practice artworks with rice powder.On this day , there is tradition to touch the feet of elders to take blessings to them.

This day is a break from the busy schedule. This day brings happiness , joy , fun and spirit among the peoples.This day brings people closer. On this day , with the celebration, economic development of the southern part is considered because this attracts tourists towards the phase of India. On this day , local arts and their artists get a privilege and their development took place.

On this day , many people practice charity donations because this festival is not about the celebration but also to spirit humanity among the people.People preparing for the pongal from the New Year. This day is considered auspicious day.On this festival many people begin their new work such as opening of new ventures , new houses and purchasing of new $ precious things or metals.

This festival is known as ,’New Year’ for the southern part.These Indians festival is celebrated according to the hindu calendar.This day defines the value of religion and culture.This day defines the values of togetherness and belongings. These days help to create good memories and wonderful times.

This day is celebrated to honor the farmers , agricultural fields and primary sector. This day defines the value of the primary sector in our life..they are known as lifeline. They are who burn in heat and produce food for us ..we should respect them. In Indian festivals , there is a special priority to the cow dung cakes..they are known as a sign of purity.

This is a day of ‘Light over the darkness and ignorance’. On this day , people remind their dear ones and memories. On this day , the environment becomes pleasant and fresh.This festival is celebrated in a different and unique manner.These Indian festivals had a special belief and story behind their occasion celebration and decoration.

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