Happy Paryushan 2021 hd Images, Quotes, Wishes, 4 September

Paryushan is a popular Jain festival celebrated across India.This is a long Eight day festival.On these days , no official holiday is granted.This festival majorly celebrated Hindu Jain’s in every phase of India.This is an festival which is a sign of peace , spiritual and happiness.This is an traditional festival of Jains in which religious and cultural celebration took place.

Paryushan is celebrated according to Hindu calendar in the ‘Bhadrapadh Skula paksha’.In 2020 , this festival would begin from the ‘16th of August’ and ends on ‘23rd of August’. People prefer celebration of Paryushan by considering Fasts (upvas) which is based on the position of the Sun and the Moon.

Jain festivals are based on the geographical location and strict fasts.This festival is celebrated to ask for forgiveness.This forgiveness for any mistake , mishappening and any immoral act.In the Evening , jains offer pratikraman as their repentance (Paschyattap) for their sins.

This festival had great significance and importance in the lives of Jainism.Paryushan is known as the biggest festival , they called it ‘Mahaparv’. This festival according to the Gregorian calendar celebrated in the month of August/September.On this festival , no fancy decorations took place.On this day simple and religious form of celebration granted , with no decorations and delicious food.

On these days , people eat their food before the evening times and practice special prayers , chants to their God.On these days , special listed food and items should be practiced and eaten by them.On these days , people remain for extra hours in their Temples (Known as Derasar).

On these days , people prefer minimum communication with people.They remain in their mediation (Sadhna) for the times , in (sadhna) they are asking for the spirituality such as Moksh , Forgiveness and way to live life.On these days , Jains do not visit in any special occasions such as weddings , parties etc.

Paryushan is a festival which describes the actual meaning of the festival which is spirituality.This is an festival of humanity and forgiveness.This festival is an break from the busy schedule and remain in yourself.This is an day to know the meaning of our life , what is the way of our life.

On these days , many people visit popular derasar to make their festival special and divine to God.On these days , mainly people wear white clothes. Especially in evening times at the time of partikaram.On these days , people prefer not to travel and remain in meditation (bhakti) for eight days.

Paryushan is a festival which tries to search you yourself , it is a time for self analysis.These days remind you of your practices , mistakes and life.This festival is celebrated for two reason:

  • Make Sorry for your mistakes and immoral acts by practicing remorse for them.
  • To find yourself , self analysis in the form of Meditation.

This festival is celebrated by every community of Jain (Digambar , Shwetambar etc.) in the same form but has minor differences in rituals and celebration.On this day , people remind their teachings and speeches of Jainism.On these days , special book (holy books) read by them (Jains).

These days forget the Normal days and life and remain in self assertion.On these days , people remind only two things , one is self existence and another is God.On these days , with the remorse of people and clear their heart and world from guilt.On these days , with the spirituality people clear their path of Future life with the brightness.

This festival defines the meaning of non violence and Self discipline.On this festival , people perform penance (Taph) , introspection (Pratikraman) , repentance (Prayaschitta) and various functions to assign self soul existence.On these days , people are in search of soul.

These days , people pure their mind and soul with the remorse and blessings of God.With this , people learn self control , self patience and forgiveness.On these days , people remind their past and conduct remorse according to it.People try to change their bad things into right and good manners.

On these days , Jain’s read , learn and study their scriptures , books and manners.These days define your goal of life and way to live it.On these days , Sadhu and sadhvis avoid traveling as this festival means not to hurt anybody.These days , give an chance to live with yourself under the Bhakti of God.

On these days , some people prefer their normal schedule work with fasting and festival rituals.On these days , people practice their normal schedule with more energy and spirit.This festival gives knowledge to live life in a peaceful manner such as non stealing , trust , truth etc.

On these days , people bond with their religious way , self and God becomes stronger.This is a festival of new hope , new spirit and new joy.This is a festival to free our world with pride , greed and anger.These days define a meaningful journey of life.These days defines to live with ‘Forgive and forget’.

These festivals don’t celebrate the outer world but the inner world.These days clean our inner world with happiness and purity.On these days , major people prefer service (seva) in the EGO’s , Dersar and many public places.This festival not only define to forgive and self analysis but to establish and consider humanity among the world .

These days help you to free from the people’s life (Moh Maya). This day defines to live a simple and easy life.On these days , people are encouraged to become the sadhu/sadhvi .This day defines the life is full of challenging , spiritual and discovery.This day defines the actual meaning of spiritual growth.These days defines spiritual growth is more than personality/life growth (as in form of age , wealth etc.)

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