Happy Parents Day 2021 Quotes, Images, 25 July

Parents Day

Suitably named as Parents’ Day, it is celebrated on the fourth Sunday of July every year. This year, Parents’ Day in India is on 28 July.Parents day is observed in South Korea(8 may) and in the united states (fourth Sunday of July)now they replaced the day 8th may as mother’s day. The south Korea designation was established in 1973.The United States day was created in 1994 under President Bill Clinton. June 1 has also been proclaimed as “Global Day of Parents” by the United Nation as a mark of appreciation for the commitment of parents towards their children.

happy parents day images
happy parents day images

Parents day serves to celebrate their important role in our lives.it is a national parents day honors to be all parents. They play a virtual role in the lives of children. Parents day is also celebrated in schools,because all parents have equal responsibility to provide for, protecting, nurturing, teaching, and loving their children. The role of parents in every child’s lives are Ir-replaceable. The parents always seem to be the first teacher for their kids. In our society, father and mother have given the status of “GOD ”. There is also saying that they are the wonderful gift of gifts on earth.  They are precious gifts from nature. Parents have a suitable title as ideal person or role model of our lives.No doubt this day also observe the special bond of love and care between parents and their children.

Parents gave us life. The relationship between you and your parents can be one of the longest-lasting connections in a person’s life. Over the course of that relationship, it’s normal to feel a range of emotions, from anger and irritation to support and connection. There’s nothing worse than disrespectful children. 

How Parents Day is Celebrated?

On this day, every year American recognize outstanding parents and celebrate the teamwork in raising children and support the role of parents in providing guidance and help in building a strong and stable society. Throughout the nation several states, community leaders organize Parent’s Day events. 

Importance of Parents In Our Lives

  • Parents play a tremendous role in the development of their children.
  • They provide everything to their children at that time when they need to develop.
  • Parents help us to become educated. They admitted us to schools and colleges for better education.
  • For the future of their children, parents make all sacrifices and reduce their own living cost.
  • They provide unconditional love to their children.
  • They are always ready to support us whether it’s financially or moral. No matter whether they have enough funds or not to fulfill our wishes,they did hard work to fulfill this.
  • Support of the family is an integral part of everyone’s life. Family means parents, grandparents. Parents are home.
  • Parents teach children the value of discipline and relationships.
  • They become best friends too.
  • They always elevate us when we fall down.

There are so many reasons why parents are important for us. Some of the reasons are mentioned above.

However, it is our sanskars and thinking, how much respect and importance we give to our parents. They help us in every step of our life, they trained us to face future challenges whatever comes in our life. Parents live for us, they are our first teacher. We should respect them and their decisions. 

Some Ways to Express Gratitude towards Parents

  • Learn From Their Lessons. Your parents are more experienced than you are as they have already lived a longer life than you.
  • Appreciate Their Help.
  • Remember About The holidays.
  • Listen To Their Words Attentively.
  • Spend More Time Together.
  • Talk To Them.
  • Ask Them For Advice.
  • Surprise Them.
  • Accommodate differences of opinion.
  • Keep reaching out 

Activities Can We Do Together on Parents Day

  • Keep going on a hike.
  • Organize a picnic for your parents.
  • Have a family game night.
  • Make dinner for your parents.
  • Take your parents on a beach.
  • Click some funny pictures as memory together
  • Surprise them by doing some work at home.
  • Plan for a family movie night.
  • Make a card.
  • Bake cookies for them.
  • Clean your room,this is the best gift for both of them.
  • Buy or make them a gift.
  • Always thank him,for what he did for you.

Some of Quotes to Wish Our Parents “Happy Parents Day”

  1. Happy Parents Day! Today is a very special day for me because I get to celebrate the people I love more than my life and they’re my beloved parents! Happy parents day. You bring a smile on my face when I’m sad, you set my spirits high when I feel low, but you just make my day brighter with your love and care.
  2. Dear mom and dad,I have no words to thank you for giving me more than I deserved. you are my ideals, my inspiration,and my strength. I wish both of you a very happy parents day !
  3. No love is better than mother’s love,and no care is better than father’s care. A very happy parents day to whom who makes me smile always. Happy parents day ma and papa.
  4. Dear mom and dad,you are the best creation by god on this earth to make us feel protected,secure,enthusiasm. Thank you for giving me birth and a positive way to see the world. Happy parents day. 
  5. Thanks a lot,Dear Parents, for always beside my side,and filling up our world with your great efforts and love.happy parents day.
  6. Everything I am today is because of you two ! wishing you a happy parents day.
  7. Parents are the architect of better tomorrow,the fate of this world relies heavily on the duties they perform every day,every moment. Wishing you a happy parents day to my world.
  8. You have decorated my life with all the good in this world. Thanks for always supporting me and being with me always.happy parents day.
  9. Every step I take and every success I get is because of two amazing people in my life who always taught me to never give up. Happy parents day to the most wonderful parents of the world.

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