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Nuakhai (festival) :

Nukhai is a Traditional Indian festival .This is a popular festival.This festival is known as ‘Harvesting Festival’. This is an Harvesting Festival celebrated mainly in Odisha. This festival celebration had a one day event. On this festival , nearby states of Odisha had official holiday.

This festival is also known as the ‘Agricultural Festival’. T his festival is celebrated to honor the primary. This Festival majorly originated from the western Odisha. This festival defines the prosperity of farmers and their field. This Festival is celebrated marks the importance and value of agricultural land and their workers.

This Festival is celebrated in the joy of good harvesting. This day is celebrated to welcome the new rice season. This festival is celebrated on the month of ‘Bhadrapada Month’ of fifth day (Panchmi) (according to Hindu calendar). This festival is celebrated in the month of ‘August/September’ (according to Gregorian calendar).

Nuakhai festival has special significance and importance in the life of farmers and their families. On this day , they wake up early. In simple words , this festival is celebrated the day after the Ganesh Chaturthi. On this day , people wear traditional new clothes. With the celebration , decoration and delicious food is cooked.

This festival is celebrated in every phase of India but they are known with different and unique celebrations. On this day , religious and cultural celebration took.On this occasion , to make celebration more exciting and special people organize many events such as Folk dance , Folk music etc.

Nuakhai is a festival of farmers and their fields. This festival had annual frequency in year. This Festival is awaited by farmers every year. On this day , Framers thanks Nature power , their pets (bulls , cows and oxen) and their families for the support.On this day , people wake up early and worship God and Goddess.

With the decoration , people clean their houses and agricultural fields and decorate it with flowers and rangoli. This day provides special happiness to the farmers and their families.This day defines the beginning of new happiness and season. This day brings new hope , new spirit and new joy among people’s lives.

This day is a break from the worries and work and time for the celebration. This festival marks the ending of monsoon. On these days , people become closer with the locality as they visit local markets for preparing their festival and their celebration. On this day , people bath their pets and decorate them with the ornaments , jewellery , shawl and oil their horns.

This festival is also known as ‘Naukhai Parab and Nuakhai Bhetghat’. The Word ‘Nuakhai’ is a combination of two words. The Word ‘Nau’ means New and the ‘khai’ means Food. The Combination defines the meaning of Festival celebration which is the preparation of New Food. On this day , preparation of New Harvested Rice is considered.

Nuakhai festival is considered an auspicious festival for the farmers. On this day , people mainly and firstly worship God of Food Grain and then after other ones.This day had major celebrations in rural areas. On this day , people practice special prayers and chants to the God to impress them.

Nuakhai is considered ‘Blessing of God’. The Major and wonderful  celebration is considered by the Kalahandi , Samblapur , Balangir , Bargarh , Sundargarh, Sonepur and Boudh. This festival involve the first cutting of crop on this day because of which celebration exists.

happy naukhai image
happy naukhai image

On these days , tourists visit these rural areas to consider the prosperity of rural areas. On these days , grand celebrations are commendable by organizing small or big gatherings. On these days , people visit their hometowns or home villages. On this day , simplicity and happiness celebration is considered.

On these days , people visit their dear/loved ones houses or places to wish or greet them. On these days , people remember their wonderful times and good memories. This day encourages people to give their contribution to the primary sector. On this day , people visit temples and spend extra hours there.

This day gives a break to farmers from working.In 2020 , this festival would be celebrated on ‘23 August’. This festival is considered an auspicious festival. On these days , many people begin their new work such as opening a new venture , a new house , purchasing new pets and new machinery.

This festival had significance according to ancient times , this had defined it according to vedic times. On this day , many events are organized such as competitions , functions etc. On this day , people prefer vegetarian food. These festival is an correct example of Humanity , on this day many prefer charity donations to make other festival good and happy.

On this day , economic development of farmers is consider due to crop season or times. This day brings development and prosperity of farmers and their families. The Actual celebration of Nuakhai festival starts from the Behrana , from the Nuakhai eve. This festival is a consider suitable to define the favorability of Agricultural field and workers.

This day makes bonding of people with the primary sector stronger. This day provides more knowledge about the field of harvesting. On this day , many people visit the rural areas to enjoy and know the festival. This day displays the local culture and their people’s happiness.

As this festival is celebrated at the annual frequency it is considered as ‘Bara Massa or Terra parva’. On this day , with farmers local art and their artists also took privilege. On this day , to make the celebration happy and prosper fairs are being organised. This festival defines the phase of Old traditional work to the Modern society.

On this day , people eat new rice. On this day , people visit the temple of Goddess Samaleswari which is in Sambalpur district. In India festivals are celebrated which have special significance behind it. In Indian every festival , starts with the wake up early and worshiping God and Goddess. These festivals reflects the whole India and their prosperity.

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