Happy Makar Sankranti 2022 hd Images, Quotes, 14 January

Makar sankranti is the day of festival in the hindu calendar dedicated to the deity surya. It is observed in the month of lunar magha in hindu calendar and corresponds with the month of january according to the gregorian calendar.

It is celebrated each year on january 14 or 15 depending on hindu calendar but generally falls on the date of 14. India and Nepal both countries celebrate this day for  harvesting crops. It is a Hinduism related  festival. 

Different name of Makar Sankranti in different state ;-

This festival of  Makar Sankranti are known by various names, such as Maghe Sankranti in Nepal, magh bihu in Assam, maghi (as lohri) in Punjab, Haryana and Himachal Pradesh, popular both for  the Hindus and Sikhs, Thai Pongal in Tamil Nadu, Ghughuti in Uttarakhand or simply as ‘Makar Sankranti’ in Odisha, Karnataka, Maharashtra, Goa, Andhra Pradesh, Telangana. 

In West Bengal it is also called Poush Sankranti and Khichdi Sankranti in Uttar pradesh. 

Rituals ;-

  • On this day rural area’s children go from home to home for singing, dancing,and taking meals of sweet dishes and asking for treats such as pocket money from them.
  • It is a day celebrating with flying kites,bonfires,fairs,surya puja in rivers, feast,arts,dance and socializations.
  • It is believed that donating to the poor and needy is considered extremely virtuous on makar sankranti. 
  • On makar sankranti khichdi, til,peanut,warm clothes, rice,soap, moong,and needy things are distributed. 
  • People have believed that according to the zodiac sign there are different rituals for donating which helps us to get promotion in every field and we will get the same things in our next birth.
  • It is the day which marks the shift of the sun into ever-lengthening days. It is the best day for peace and prosperity.
  • Makar Sankranti is the festival of til-gul where sesame seeds and jaggery ladoos or chakkis are distributed among all. 
  • The day is as important for spiritual practices and people take a holy dip in rivers, especially Ganga, Yamuna, Godavari, Krishna and Kaveri. The bathing is believed to wash away sins.
  • Makar sankranti generally marks the beginning of the kumbh mela in uttar pradesh.
  • It is a festival of religious and cultural, festival of harvest, welcome longer days,and sun worship.
  • It is also believed that if anyone died on makar sankranti, they will not be reborn and directly go to heaven.

Some Important Things Done By People On Makar Sankranti ;-

  • Surya Namaskar. Start your day by offering holy water and cow’s milk to the sun god in a copper utensil.
  • Donate. It is a ritual to donate on this day.
  • Offer to the water. Pour jaggery and raw rice into the water.
  • Pray to the Sun god.
  • Chanting mantras during the worship of the sun and taking a dip in the river ie.- om suryaya namah , om mitraya namah , om bhaskaraya namah , om pushane namah , om hiranayagarbhaya namah .

History of makar sankranti ;-

This festival is also known as uttarayan in gujarat. Sankranti is assumed as god. On this day as per the legend Sankranti killed a devil named Sankara Sur. The next day of makar sankranti is called Karidin or Kinkrant. On this day, Devi killed the devil Kinkarasur.The information of Makar Sankranti is available in Panchang. The Panchang is the Hindu calendar that provides information on the age, form, clothing, direction and movement of Sankranti.

Celebrated makar sankranti in different types of religious and state ;-

  • In Punjab and Haryana ;- Punjab and Haryana both state celebrated makar sankranti as lohri before a day ago on 13 January. At night, people gather around the bonfire and throw til, puffed rice and popcorns into the lightness of the bonfire. Prayers are offered to the bonfire for prosperity and wealth.
  • In Uttar Pradesh ;-  there is the saying that it is the festival of donating or khichdi festival. On this auspicious day people often used to eat khichdi and people do fast in uttar pradesh.
  • In Bihar ;– there is also a trend for making khichdi and donating urad, rice, gold, woollen clothes, blankets etc. have their own importance.
  • In Bengal ;- there is a tradition of donating til after taking bath in Makar Sankranti. Huge fair is also organised every year in Gangasagar.
  • In  Pongal ;– On the occasion of Makar Sankranti in Tamil Nadu, this festival is celebrated as Pongal for four days.
  • Kite Festival: In Gujarat, the kite festival is organized on the occasion of Makar Sankranti. 
  • This trend is spreading all over India, including rajasthan,the flying kites competition also organized for entertainment on makar sankranti.

Unknown fact about makar sankranti ;-

  • On this day, people could be seen wearing black dresses. When the sun enters in the north direction,it is believed that black color absorbs the heat inside it. So black color increases the body heat.
  • People also protect themselves from the cold and celebrate the festival properly by wearing black.
  • The tradition of kite flying is for a healthy exposure in the early morning sun, so these initial rays are healthy and good sources of Vitamin D.
  • On makar sankranti, women avoid washing hair, and teeth should not be cleaned during this day.
  • On this day no tree cutting should be done.
  • If you keep cow buffalo at home,do not milk from cows.
  • One of the rare Hindu festivals based on solar cycle.
  • Makar sankranti date changes after 100 years.
  • Rotation of earth impacts the date on which makar sankranti is celebrated.
  • Uttarayan and makar sankranti used to coincide during the aryabhatta period before (15 years ago).
  • End of the inauspicious month in Hindu calendar.
  • Good forces overcoming evil forces.
  • The interesting ritual of kite flying was held on makar sankranti.
  • It is the festival of til gud and sesame seeds.

Special quotes on makar sankranti ;-

  • I hope on this Makar Sankranti the Sun God showers his blessings on you and your family. I pray that it marks the end of difficulties and brings in success, joy and peace in your life. 
  • May your life be filled with love ,happiness and prosperity. Wishing a very happy makar sankranti.
  • Makar sankranti is a new beginning of a new destination, happiness and sorrow.

Hence, we can say that this is the festival of kite flying, bonfire,dance,distributing foods and needy things to the poor and needy one, harvesting and Surya puja in the river. This is the festival of spreading happiness, prosperity and love towards each other. 

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