Happy Lohri 2021 Images , Wishes and Quotes

Lohri is a popular Indian festival celebrated in India.This festival is majorly celebrated by Hindus and Sikh community. This festival is celebrated in the Winter season. In 2021 , we are going to this 13th of January, every year.This is a folk festival considering the celebration in the form of religious and cultural manner.

This festival is related to Makar sankranti.This festival is celebrated with a grand celebration which involves bonfire , song and Dance.This festival marks the end of winter season and beginning of Spring season.On this day , people worship their God and Goddess.On this festival , people greet or wish each other and gift practices aso took place.

This festival is a one day celebration.On this day , this is a day off for the general population , educational institutions and government , private business or offices. On this day , people visit their hometowns. Cities to celebrate this festival with their family , friends and dear ones.

However the Community of punjabi is originated from the North part of Indian subcontinent. On this day , with the celebration ..decoration and delicious food practices performs. Night before the Lohri is known as Magahi or Makar sankranti. This festival is celebrated by the muslims , christaisn and many other community of India.

On this day , people visit temples and practice some charity and donation work such as helping poor , making needy or poor festivals delighted and happy etc.This festival connects the people with values of humanity too. This festival is considered an auspicious festival.

It is believed that God came to the Earth and celebrated this festival with their children and bless them.According to Indian terminology , this day marks a schedule of longer days and the Sun moves towards the Northern Hemisphere. This festival is also known as , ‘Lal Loi’. 

Before 10 to 15 days , people started their preparation of lohri.On these days , Markets and holidays venues are crowded. The Celebration also took place in Canada equal to India.On this day , major performances of Gidda and bhangra took place (folk dance of Sikh).On this day , special prayers and dining planned to make the other festival memorable.

This festival is awaited by the people. On this day , small and big organizing took place. This is a special festival for those people who had a baby the previous year.On this day , people wear traditional and new clothes.This festival brings happiness , joy , fun , prosperity and love. This is a festival of belonging and togetherness.

This festival is a Harvest festival. This festival celebration took place when the farmer first harvested the crop of the year. This festival is the New Year of sikh community.On this day , people grant their request to  the God sun for heat and thank them. On this day , people begin their new start such as opening a new venture or purchasing new things.

In bonfire , popcorns , peanuts , rewari and gajak are lit and distributed among the family , friends and dear ones. This festival holds a special priority for new born babies and newly married couples.On this day , many lohri songs play to celebrate this more interestingly. On this day , people eat traditional food..they eat til rice by mixing jaggery , sesame seeds.

On this day , Grains and Jaggery are sold.These sales are divided into groups.On this day , many unmarried people pray to god for the marriages and other prayers also took place.On this day , there is tradition to visit the new born baby door to door and asking for the candies and their blessings.

On this day , people remember the teachings and speeches of their God known as , ‘Waah guru’. On Lohri night , the sky is sparkling with fireworks and crackers. Throughout The Night , people celebrate this festival by committing competitions , plays , dramas and many other ways.This festival brings the special latchment with our dear or loved ones. 

These Indian festivals had a special moral of unity and humanity behind celebration.This festival defines the priority and belongingness of India.On festival , people forget their pain . tension and negativity and involving them with happiness and joy.This festival is the best moment to capture the memories and thank your loved ones for making this festival more interesting and memorable.

On this day , Southern Part of India celebrates Pongal , Assamese celebrate their Bihu and Gujarati people celebrate Makar sankranti.On this day , due to all this, the environment feels pure , fresh , peaceful and happy.On this day , harvesting of rabi crops is considered.People take holy bath at the banks of holy river and river.

This festival is a celebration of the bond of love and understanding between the people.This festival had significance and value to the economic development of local arts and artists … This day considers the importance of agriculture and farmers.This festival significance is mentioned in their holy books , ‘Guru Granth Sahib’.

There are many significant stories and beliefs behind the Lori which describes the significance of lori.This day brings success and prosperity in the life of good hearted people.Baisakhi is also Indian popular festival celebrated majorly by sikh community. Punjab land of agriculture had great rich in practice of harvesting which means alot to the celebration of lohri for the Punjabi’s.

Wishing you very Happy Lori!!

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