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Kumbh mela is a major pilgrimage (religious journey) and a bigger festival related to hinduism. It is a day celebrated with the cycle of approximately 12 years at four river bank pilgrimage areas. This kumbh mela is celebrated in the religious areas of allahabad, nasik, haridwar and ujjain. 


Kumbh means pots or pitcher while mela means festival or fair. Kumbh mela is held every 12 years. According to the hindu mythology this is a festival of devotions, religious, and immortality . Lord Vishnu released drops of immortality in the four religious places (carried in the kumbh) they are Allahabad, ujjain, nasik ,and haridwar (ganga ki pauri). According to a hindu mythology allahabad confluence the three rivers of ganga ,yamuna, and saraswati). Where haridwar confluence the ganga river, nasik confluence the godavari and ujjain confluence the shipra. 

This festival is marked by a ritual dip in the water. It is believed that taking a dip in the holy water cleanses all sins. It is also believed that bathing in the holy river can give a peace of mind to you. This is a celebration of commuting commerce with numerous fairs , education, religious discourses by saints,and mass feeding or monks to the poor.

This festival is traditionally created by the adi shankara who is a hindu philosopher in the 8th century. His great effort for the hindu gathering together in one place is the major decision of him for hindu monasteries to the hindu subcontinent.  However , there is no particular proof or specific reason to call “kumbh mela”. This is also known as prayag kumbh mela.


  • The allahabad kumbh mela has deep philosophical and spiritual significance for hindus. 
  • It is believed that taking a bath in the holy river of ganga, yamuna, and saraswati cleans all the sins of humans and gets an attained liberation.
  • This mela is celebrated every three years and the location switches between four different years and the mela returns to each location in every spin of 12 years.
  • It is said that Sage Durvasa’s curse had weakened when the gods reside on the earth and the demons have caused it in the world.
  • The mela has the largest gathering as lakhs of lakhs of  devotees come over from all over the country.


Each site’s celebration is based on a hindu calendar of astrological positions of the Sun, the Moon, and Jupiter, the holiest time occurs at the exact moment when these positions are fully occupied. The Kumbh Mela at Prayag, in particular, attracts millions of pilgrims. In addition, a Great Kumbh Mela festival is held every 144 years at Prayag; the 2001 festival attracted some 60 million people.

Kumbh mela is the bigger festival related to the hindu mythology and their faith towards gods . Allahabad is known as prayagraj and a major place for pilgrims.  Haridwar is one of the seven sacred cities of the hindus and the major pilgrimes centre. Haridwar is known by many names as “Har ki pauri” , kapila , door to hari etc. Hari is the one of name of lord vishnu. 

Nashik was known as panchavati before the Ramayana period. Nashik has its mythological, historical ,social and cultural importance. The city is situated at the banks of the godavari river and the pilgrim city for the devotees for hindus all over the world.

Ujjain is situated on the banks of shipra river, and this city is known for the capital of the ancient avanti now becoming the sixteenth part of mahajanapada. 


  • This is the great way for the devotees, local area living people, and for the tourists who have a local trend for the rid of washing sins. 
  • Every 6 years , ardh kumbh mela is held in prayag (allahabad) ,and haridwar.
  • Travelers can also experience a mixture of religious and cultural features of hinduism with the atmosphere filled with chiming bells, smell of fragrant flowers and incense in the air, sounds of Vedic hymns, chants, mantras, drum beats etc.
  • throughout the mela, sadhus from different akharas or orders proceeding with the gold and silver chariots with devotees pulling them etc.
  • The main purpose of the kumbh mela is to gather the largest religion in the world.
  • Kumbh mela brings hindu holy men together to discuss their faith and disseminate information about their religion. It’s attended by millions of people each day.


In kumbh mela the god of especially brahma, vishnu and lord shiva.  Gods worshipped is a particular deity.every three years when the kumbh mela is organised in one of the four pilgrimage sites, saints from all 13 places take the fair with their presence and interact with the pilgrims.

The next kumbh mela will be held in haridwar in 2021 , a religious event which will be attended by millions of devotees around the world.


  • Kumbh mela is held every three years and switches between four different locations – haridwar ,prayag ,nasik and ujjain. The mela returns to the same location in every spin of 12 years.
  • Kumbh literally means to nectar.
  • Taking a bath in the holy river is believed to get rid of sins and attain liberality. 
  • The kumbh mela in allahabad in 2013 attracted a record crowd of approximately 10 crores people.
  • This festival is over 2000 years old.
  •  The mela creates approximately 650,000 jobs and was estimated to earn around Rs 12,000 crore in 2013 too!
  • For the 2013 mela, officials set up 14 temporary hospitals, staffed with 243 doctors, more than 40,000 toilets, and stationed 50,000 police officials to maintain order.

Hence , we know that kumbh mela is a path for devotees and pilgrimage places. the purpose of kumbh mela to gather Hindus and tourists for the visitations.

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