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Karwa Chauth is the one day festival of Hindu Women. It is mostly celebrated in northern India in the popular areas of Gujrat, Uttar Pradesh ,Punjab ,Haryana ,Delhi, Jammu ,Himachal Pradesh ,and Rajasthan. The term “KARWA” means “POT” and “CHAUTH” means “FOURTH” of the day .On this day women undertake a fast for their husband’s wealth,prosperity, longevity and safety of their husband life.It comes every year, after four days of purnima, of the month of Hindu calendar kartika. 

In 2020,it will be celebrated on Wednesday,4 November. The day starts before sunrise & ends with moon rise.The day of karwa chauth is very joyful and emerged especially for the married ladies. This day is dedicated to all husbands. This festival originated and came to be celebrated in the northern part of subcontinent India.

Rituals of karwa chauth

According to fact,military men are often conducted far from their house and sent out from their villages to the border of the country, so they have to stay  far from their wives and children. That is also the reason that their wives keep a fast for their long lives and safely return to home.  This festival is also in conflict with the wheat sowing time. So it is a good time to harvest crops.

  • Another story about the original festival relates to feminine friendship.
  • In the custom of arranged marriage,ladies have a special bond of love with the (kangan saheli)  and ( dharma Behan) in her in- law’s house.
  • This emotional and physiological bond would be considered equal to the bond of relationship.
  • It is said that karwa chauth festival is involved to celebrate include the bond of friendship.

Celebrating  karwa chauth  in different city 

In different kinds of cities in northern India, there are many ways to celebrate karwa chauth. Some of them are  ; a few days of karwa chauth married women would  buy a new karwa ( a clay pot ) at least 2-3 ltr. In the early morning before rising the sun, they wake up at 4 o’clock and eat and drink something called “ sargi ”. It is a tradition for the “sargi” to send or given by their in-law’s house or mother in law. The pre-dawn “sargi” is prepared by their mother in law. Ladies will often keep fast for the entire day and don’t drink a single sip of water. In the evening,they get ready for the function held at their home or specific place where all the ladies can get together. They dressed up with the combination color of red,which signified love,ambition,deep of passion etc.with bangles,sindur,makeup,and jewellery. Now they also decorate the puja’s thali (plate) with a lamp of diya ,kumkum, a sweet dessert, karwa with filling water,and a sieve. 

  • The all ladies sit together with a circle around a pool or water and exchange their karwa’s thali with each other .
  • It is related to dussehra and Diwali.
  • Ladies get apply mehandi on their hands
  • After  rising the moon all ladies sieve off the moon.
  • One by one they get aarti and puja with the sieve of the moon and with the same sieve to see their husband’s face.
  • Now that time the husband tier one out with the karwa and to feed a bite of sweet dessert.
  • All the ladies take blessings with the elders and their own husband
  • Then finally the function here ended and happily they all went to their houses. 

More about Karwa Chauth

1) what is the meaning of karwa chauth ?
ans karwa chauth is a one day fast for the bond of love between husband and wife,celebrated by Hindu married women.

2) At where karwa chauth is celebrated ?
ANS Karwa chauth is mostly celebrated in the northern part of India,especially Jammu Uttar Pradesh, Gujrat ,Himachal pradesh,Delhi,Rajasthan,Punjab and Haryana.

3) Can we drink water during karwa chauth fast ?
ans The day starts with eating sargi or pre-dawn meal. Sargi is referred to the meal that women observing fast on Karwa Chauth have early in the morning. … After sunrise, they are not even allowed to drink water throughout the day.

4) can we keep a fast during in periods ?
ans yes! you can keep a fast during in periods because your body gets dehydrated during the fasting period which can lead to an increase in the clotting tendency.

5) Does sargi is necessary in karwa chauth fast ?
ans yes ! sargi signified to the bond of love between mother-in-law and daughter in law. it is an important meal before keeping fast of karwa chauth and also a tradition.

6) which god is worshiped on karwa chauth ?
ans On this day ladies worship the moon for the long lives of their husbands. on the same day lord Shiva and goddess Parvati also consider as the eternal symbol of love.

7) can we wash our hair on karwa chauth ?
ans No ! she is not allowed to wash her hair on karwa chauth.

8) What happens if Moon does not appear on Karva Chauth?
ans If You Do Not See the Moon On Karwa Chauth:
However, an alternative can be to check the moon rise time and eat exactly after that time, even without seeing the moon assuming that the sun must have risen by that time.

9) when karwa chauth fast is celebrated in 2020 ?
ans on November,4 the day will be celebrated.

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