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Karma (Festival):

karam puja pic
karam puja pic

Karma is a popular Indian festival.This festival is also known as ‘Harvesting Festival’. Karma is celebrated majorly in these states such as ‘Jharkhand , Madhya Pradesh, Chattisgarh, Assam, Odisha and West Bengal’. This festival is observed at the annual frequency.This festival had great significance and importance in Farmers and agricultural workers life.

This Festival is celebrated to honor the God Karma. God of Karma who is a symbol of power , energy and youthfulness. This festival doesn’t possess any official holiday.This festival had grand celebration in rural areas. They refer God Karam as the Karma Devta. This Festival is majorily celebrated by the mainly these groups of people Korba , Baiga , Binjhwari , Nagpuri , Khundmi , Mundal , Santal and Oraon.

karam puja photo
karam puja photo

Karma festival celebration is considered in religious and cultural format.This is a traditional festival. This festival defines the value of harvesting and agricultural fields.This festival is celebrated on Bhadra Month of 11th day of Purnima (according to Hindu Calendar).  In 2020 , This festival will be celebrated on ‘22 August’.

This festival is celebrated in a unique manner. On this day , people visit the jungle to collect fruits , woods and flowers for the celebration. With the Fruits , Woods and Flowers collection , they are required in puja. These Puja articles help in worshiping the Karma Devta. This festival is celebrated with happiness because this is an symbol of Good harvesting.

karam puja picture
karam puja picture

To Make their Karma festival more special and good, events are organized by them such as Folk dance and Music etc. This festival is a festival of farmers and their families. On this day harvesting of nine seeds is granted ,mainly wheat , rice and corn etc. They are also known as Jawa.

On these days , local art and their artists get privilege as people visit local markets for the festival. People are preparing for the festival before two or three days. On this day , people visit their hometown and villages to celebrate this festival with their dear ones. This festival has taken all people in their color of happiness and joy.

On this day , many girls took fast to impress Karma Devta. On this day , celebration decorations and rituals also took place. People plaster their walls of house and field with cow dung and decoration took place by the flowers . On this day , people wear traditional new clothes.

karam puja
karam puja

This Occasion is celebrated as New Year by the farmers. This day gives a break to the farmers for the crises and worries. This is a festival where farmers celebrate the occasion with all the prosperity. This festival is considered New Year for the farmer and their families.

This Festival had define the meaning of Hard work which is considered by the farmers for the World. On this day , people encourage towards the greenery sector. On this day , farmers thank the Karma devta but also their bulls , cows who make this possible by commending help in their field. There pets are decorated with ornaments , jewellery , shawl and oil their horns.

This Festival brings shine among the life of farmers. On this day , farmers thank the nature power too for making their harvesting possible. On this day , people forgot their worries and normal schedule , celebrated this festival with happiness and spirit. This festival brings new hope , new spirit and new joy among them.

Karma festival is a festival of agricultural land and their workers. This festival brings economic development in the lives of farmers and their families. This festival is also considered a blessing of God , because of them this festival of good harvesting is considered. On this festival , with decoration, delicious food is cooked.

On this day , a grand celebration took place by organizing small or big gatherings.On this day , with the celebration people also perform humanity functions such as considering donations or charity work. On these days , public zones are crowded. On this day , people worship Karma devta as a form of Branch of leaves and after Karma this branch leaves are immersed into water.

Devotees of this festival and God Karma people practice long days fast.This is an one day occasion which gives lighten to our 364 days. On these days , people practice special hours of Prayers and chants to impress Karma devta and grant their wishes to them. It is believed that Krama devta is visit on the Earth to bless them.

This festival also defines the prosperity of rural areas and their people. On this day , people greet or wish others with the Jawa flower exchanging. This day is considered auspicious day. On this day , people remind their wonderful memories and good times. On this day , people remind their dear/loved ones.

In Indian festivals , there is a special story , belief and reason behind every festival. These festivals majorly attract the tourists as per our (India) traditional , religious and cultural prosperity and enrichment. These festival motto to bring hidden happiness , joy , spirit and love among the people’s lives.

These festivals bring at the one point of togetherness to the people. These days connect the people with their religion and rituals. These days define history , present and future of people’s lives and India. These days define the world there is a life behind the busy life and worries.

These days bring economic development as on this day people are attracted by the local art and their artists. On this day , everybody is connected with their family , friends and dear ones. This festival defines actually how to live life , way to make it successful. On these days , people remind their previous times of happiness and present lightness and brightness.

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