Happy Indian Army Day 2021 hd images, Quotes, Wishes

Army Day is celebrated every year on ‘15th January’. This day is celebrated as National Festival Day. This day is celebrated with happiness , joy , patriotism , respect , motivation and love. This day is celebrated to honor and respect  the Army people and their family. 

indian army day
indian army day

This day is celebrated in the memory of ‘Field Marshal Kodandera M. Cariappa’s’ (Lieutenant General) who had taken over the first post of Commander in Chief after the British officer General Sir Franics Butcher.This day is celebrated in the form of events , campaigns , rallies and organizations.

This day is celebrated to educate the people about the importance and value of Army officers. This day reminds them of their special contribution in Indian security and development. This day is celebrated with the major programs of the parade. On this day , we thank and salute our army officers who have left their lives and who are working.

This day is more special for them also (Army people).On this day , awards and rewards ceremony takes place in which army officers honour with their awards for their great hard work. Awards are Paramvir chakra , Ashok chakra etc. In 2020 , 15 Soldiers were honored for the bravery award.

The First Female officer named ‘Tania Shergill’ commanded on army day in 2020.The Major Army Day parade was held in the ‘Cariappa Parade Ground’ in Delhi. This day is celebrated with the events of various military shows in New Delhi. Army day is also known as Army Force Day in other countries.

This day defines the commendable work of army officers for India and their people. This day marks a tremendous sacrifice and struggle of various army officers for their country without selfishness. This day is celebrated to draw a focus of selfish people work of army officers or employees for their country.

Military , self defense hardware used in parades to make it more interesting. This day is also known as a historic day which reminds them of hard work. On the Army day a grand celebration takes place and is inspected by the chief of all staff. This is an 73rd anniversary of Army day , we are going to celebrate in 2021.

On this people had special value for the hearts ..but this to be not only on this remain for years. This day is celebrated with pomp and shower. On this day no official holiday takes place. However all the chief and every officer presented on this day and celebrated with joy and pride.

18 Contingency form parade performed on this day.This day should be celebrated by the general people as tribute to Army officers. First Indian Army was formed in 1895 on 1st April but on 15 January of 1949 India got its first chief commander. The Motto of the Indian Army is ‘Service Before Self’.

On this day the country also tribute the officers and make their day special and happy.Army day is day of our country people to help the army families who have lost their person or are working outside. On this day , many parties are organized in other cities too. This day become more special when the country people and government organizes a special arrangement for them.

On this day , Programs telecast live on social media , Televisions and radios. The Celebration celebrates with the special arrangement , decoration and gala items. This day is an day of proud for our country people on army society who work for us 24*7 hrs. Army day is day to appreciate the brave and responsible army officers who sacrificed themselves and sacrificing.

On their great hard work we should help them or their families if they need. We cannot pay their sacrifice and struggles but comfort them by proceeding with good citizen policies.This is a responsibility of our country’s people to support our army society. They are the one who work for themselves without assuring their lives possibility.

This day reveals the old and present sacrifice by army personalities for India and their citizens.

On this day the environment feels patriotism , love and respect for our country and army officers. This day is not for only celebration but also in memory of late army officers. This day is celebrated to know the future generation about our heroes and heroines for them. This day is an emotional day for those who lost their dear or loved ones for India and their citizens.

However the main focus of the 2020 army day celebration was ‘Digital Transformation of Defense ‘. This day is celebrated with the theme program. However 2021 , the theme would be related and interesting. Indian army originated from the British Army at the time of rule of Britishers.

The Indian army was founded after the 125 Years.Indian army is considered the fourth largest army in the World.This is celebrated in army headquarters. On this day , tribute gunshots were given to the army officers who had given all things for their security and save of motherland from the other cruel.

On this many competitions , performances such as paintings , photography and video takes place to show their appreciable work to the country and their people. The Best Army officers were awarded.

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