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Hanuman Jayanti is an Indian traditional festival celebrated with pomp and shower.This festival is majorly celebrated by Hindu community.This is an event day which is celebrated as a special occasion.This occasion had a one day celebration.On this day , in some states official holiday is granted. This festival is celebrated on the ‘Chatra Purnima’ (according to Hindu days).

Hanuman was known as Lord Hanuman.He is an Hindu lord.He was a great devotee of Lord Rama.His physical appearance is in form of monkey known as ‘Varana’..he is also known as Divine monkey. The Word , ‘Varna’ is divided into two parts ,’Var’ and ‘na’ which means the people who live in the forest.

This festival had special mean in their named which is comprising of two words.The First word ,’Hanuman’ is an devotee of Lord rama and Divine Monkey.The Second word ,’Jayanti’ refers with the anniversary or jubilee.This festival is celebrated as Birthday anniversary of Lord Hanuman.

This festival is celebrated in the memory of Lord Hanuman.This festival is celebrated in different manner in different states such as ,’In Tamil Nadu it is celebrated in Dhanu , In few states it is celebrated in ‘Vaishaka’.In 2021 , this festival is celebrated on ‘27 April’.On this day , people worship Lord Hanuman.

This day is considered as an auspicious day for the devotees of lord Hanuman.However , the Lord Hanuman is known with various names such as ,’Anjani putra , Mahaveer Hanuman , Balaji , Mahabali , Haduman, Pavanputra and Bajrangi’.On this day , people practice special puja and chants such as Hanuman chalisa for Lord Hanuman took place in temples and houses…major people practice fasting.

It is believed that Lord Hanuman came to earth on this day to bless their devotees and children.They were known as son of Lord Pavan.On this day , people request Lord Hanuman to grant their wish.On this day , people offer flower , sweets , coconuts to Lord Hanuman.On this day , spiritual and divine celebration took place.

 On this day , not only hanuman chailsa took place but the holy scriptures such as Ramayan , Sunderkhand were placed.On this day celebration is granted in various forms such as Hanuman Janam Mohstav , plays , darama , music and dance.On this day , Lord Rama is worshipped.

Lord Hanuman is an symbol of Strength , Power and Knowledge.It is believed that in Kalyug their existence would remains on the earth for the welfare of people.He is known as King of demons and negative power such as Ghost.On this day , major celebration took place at the Salsar city , Mehandi pur in jaipur etc.

His personality is imagined by the people that , taking Gadha on his hand , wearing drawers and crown on his head , have a special glow on his face with a smile.He is invited in the important ,faithful and Good work…his presence considered mainly and auspicious. On this day , people begin their new work as an opening of new ventures , new houses and new purchasings etc.

He had taken his education from Lord Sun.He was known as ,’Bharamchari’. After considering special puja prasad is offered , tilak on forehead and special thread on hand.He is a symbol of ,’Victory over evei’ , however he helped lord rama to get victory on the demon king named Ravna.

In their young times , he was notorious because of this he got punishments in the form of Sharaps. He is an helper of good people and enemy of bad people.On this day , many people practice fasting.He knew the world with the natural and many powers.He was also a devotee of Lord Shiva.

He describes the actual meaning of humanity , trust , promise and helping.He had established the Dharma significance in the World.On this day , monkeys were worshipped as regeneration of Lord Hanuman..they were known as Lord Hanuman incarceration.On this day , many people practice charity and donations.

 His mother’s name was Anjana and Father’s name ‘Kesari’.He was born in the king family.He always considered them as normal beings.It is believed that he is always with their dear ones.Hanuman Jayanti is celebrated with decoration and delicious food is cooked.This festival prevails an special and important privilege in Indian Hindu times.

He was known as the most powerful in the lokas. It is believed that he exists in today’s world and future world.Hanuman jayanti heals all the pains and worries into happiness and success.Lord Hanuman is a symbol of positivity and purity.He had killed many demongs for the faith of Earth and their people.

Hanuman Jayanti is one of the major festivals celebrated in India.On this day , people remember the Ramayana.It is said by impressing Lord Hanuman they will bless their all well wishes and love.On this day , major men celebrate this festival.However tuesday and saturday  is considered the day of Lord Hanuman.

Hanuman Jayanti is the day of Lord Hanuman. This defines the prosperity of Indian and their beliefs.This connects the people with their lord.This brings an attachments and establishment of good and well feelings.This festival is devotional festival.On this day , people greet each other and reminds the teachings and values of Lord Hanuman.

Wishing you very Happy Hanuman Jayanti , May Lord Hanuman bless you!!!

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