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Haldi kumkum is a ceremony of “social gathering or festival” celebrated by Hindu married women. They exchange haldi (turmeric powder) and kumkum (vermilion powder) as a symbol of their married status and wish each other a long life of their husbands and wealthy life. This time it will be celebrated on 14 January,2021.

This ceremony is popularly celebrated in the western indian state of maharashtra,gujarat, rajasthan and goa. In tamilnadu, it is celebrated as aadi perukku aka aadi monsoon festival is a hindu tamil is celebrated on the 18th day of mid july to mid august.

haldi kumkum
haldi kumkum

Haldi kumkum pooja 

To celebrate this event, women organised a function called “haldi kumkum pujan”. Haldi kumkum is a turmeric and vermillion powder which can be found in each and every home. Haldi and kumkum both are generally used for doing puja or worship of a god or something else.

Married women invite their friends, relatives and new acquaintances to meet and have fun. On this occasion married women distribute saree,bangles, novels, sweets, nuts including coconut, flowers, and snacks.

The use of kumkum in a puja is considered that applying a “tilak” on the forehead is not only looking beautiful but also it increases the concentration of mind. kumkum is also applied in “maang” by women giving the sign of suhagin also kumkum is the specific sign of any puja and for good luck.

Haldi is the simple ayurvedic product and can easily be found everywhere. It has many uses. Just like that it is also used in puja if it was a home inauguration, worship of any god,or anything else. This is believed that using haldi is a specific means, and the good point of haldi is that there is no side effect of haldi.

Haldi kumkum ceremony ;-

As we know that January is the month of festivals, one of them is haldi kumkum ceremony and women all around the country gear up with good dresses and jewellery. It  is a hindu married women festival following the makar sankranti and falls on the same date as 14 or 15 january, depending on sun (some of there with moon).

This ceremony is generally celebrated in Gujarat, rajasthan ,goa,maharashtra and tamil nadu. The most important reason to celebrate is that the rituals of the haldi kumkum festivals are woman-gathering. All that’s needed is to make it more stronger, so that it is no longer the domain or privilege of married women.

Rituals ;-

Haldi kumkum is a ceremony but also it is a ritual for indians. Indian are always ready to celebrate any occasion even if it was a haldi kumkum ceremony. 

  • The main ritual of this occasion is to exchange the haldi kumkum and give the present to each other. 
  • Ladies decorate their house and gather together in the evening in a decided place and they all are very good dressed up.
  • It is a ritual in different places for distributing the sweets, churi, kumkum, haldi, rice puff ,nuts,ripe mango juice, snacks etc.
  • This is believed that on this day women wear black. It is a ritual for women that the significance of the festival wearing black comes from the festival celebrated at the peak of the winter season.
  • As black absorbs heat, it helps women keep warm during the festival.

Haldi kumkum function ;-

The Haldi kumkum function has been organised every year on january 14 with great pomp and joyness by the marital women. This is the great symbol of spreading care,love, and happiness. Haldi kumkum is a day to wish married women for their wealth and long life with prosperity. 

Benefits of haldi kumkum ;-

  •  Haldi is not only a powder but also it is a very helpful ingredient for our body and skin. 
  • Haldi (turmeric powder) is also used to make various beauty products for glowing skin. 
  • Haldi is ayurvedic product so hence it is also used to make medicines.
  • In ancient times, doctors who are known as ved are using haldi lape for getting improvement in an injured person.
  • Haldi has amazing healing properties and also fights against bacteria in our body and heals the wound.
  • Drinking haldi milk is good for your health and helps our body immune system.
  • There is the astrological significance of kumkum. According to the Hindu astrological belief, kumkum is also the symbol of Saubhagya or good luck. Actually, it is believed that the forehead is the place of the Mesha Rashi and Mars is the Lord of Mesha (Aries) Rashi.

facts related with haldi kumkum ;-

  • As per Hindu culture, on the wedding day the groom applies kumkum on the bride’s forehead and this practice is continued to show her marital status. Devotees apply kumkum on the forehead of Hindu goddesses.
  • The state of tamilnadu is the world’s largest producer of turmeric.
  • Kumkum is a combination of powdered turmeric and slame lime.
  • Kumkum made with saffron is considered purest and is the most expensive form of kumkum.

This is a function of married women and gathering together to celebrate this event.

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