Happy Guru Purnima 2021 hd Images, Wishes and Quotes

Guru Purnima is Indian Traditional Day celebrated In India. This day is celebrated in Traditional Hindu format. Guru Purnima is known as ‘ Vyasa Purnima’. This day is marked on the Birthday of ‘Veda Vyasa’. However this day is celebrated in the International Times. On this day , no holiday is granted.

This day is considered as Spiritual day. In Indian Hindu culture ,  this day  is celebrated to honor and respect the spiritual and academic teachers. However this day is celebrated in different forms in different countries. In India , two teachers’ day is celebrated one as ‘Guru Purnima’ which is in the form of spirituality and another Teacher’s day in the memory of Sir Sarvepalli Radhakrishna.

On this day , no grand celebration took place. On this day , people visit their Guru’s house or their place ..worship them and take blessings of them. It is believed that they are humans which enlighten our personality and have no monetary expectations. They teach us and grant us the best ways to make our life journey good and happy. 

This day is considered an auspicious day because this day celebrates those who had given spiritual and academic education without any expectation.This day is not celebrated on a fixed date.On this day , people thank and salute their Guru in form of pooja , speeches , poems and many other activities. 

It is believed that Guru is the most signified person in the World who selflessly educates the people and they are considered in more priority then God. It is said that they are the person who gave the knowledge of God , defining what is God and many other necessary things. They are known as Second parents because after the parents they are the one who cares for us.

This day is celebrated equal to the festival. This festival is celebrated according to Hindu Calendar.. This day is celebrated on ‘Full Moon Day (Purnima) in the Month of Ashadha (in the month of June or July). This day is a holy day. It is believed that God comes on the Earth to take blessings from their Guru. This festival is majorly celebrated by the Jains and Hindu’s.

On this day , People give tribute to their spiritual teachers or leaders and express their value in their life. On this day , people make their spiritual Teacher and request them to guide and support them. On this day , many spiritual and devotional celebrations take place with the music and other activities.

This day encourages people to give their contribution towards spirituality. This day is named Guru Purnima which has spiritual and Hindi meaning. It is a combination of Three Words. The First word , ‘Gu’ means ‘Darkness or Ignorance’ , Second Word ‘Ru’ means Remover and Last word ‘Purnima’ which means Full Moon day. 

The Combination defines that person who removes the hurdles and darkness from their lives. On this day , People remember their past teachers. This is a festival which celebrates Hindu tradition. This is a festival of Guru shishya tradition. It is Believed that Mahatma Gandhi had revived this festival by paying his tribute to the Spiritual Guru named Shrimad Ramchandra.

 There is a spiritual belief behind this traditional Day. According to Vedic books , Lord Shiva was the first Guru of Adi Guru. This is a story about 18000 Years ago. There was a Yogi appeared in the holy regions of Himalaya. However the Gautam Buddha is considered the Guru of Jains And buddhists. This day is celebrated with the Guru.

This day is celebrated in the Yogic School of Hinduism. Guru is Hindi word means teacher. In vedic school teachers were called as Guru. This day is celebrated to recognize those personalities who are involved or with us in every phase of life. In modern times they are two types of Guru. One Guru who teaches spiritual education. Another Guru who educates academics in graphics.

This day is a feast day. In 2020 , this day is celebrated on ‘5th of July’. This festival falls in the early rainy season.On this day , people remind Rishi Veda Vyasa and their teachings. On these days , people face great crowds at the town and cities area because ont all their devotees came from every part.

On this day , their students give gifts to their guru in a spiritual form such as offerings, mantras , food items etc. On this day , special teachings and speeches raised by the guru for their students related to spirituality and their life journey.This day defines a special bond of people with the tradition. This festival is incomplete with the guru blessing.

This day connects with Indian significance and belief.This day is also considered the best day to consider the Yog sandhna or practice yoga. On this day , people offer sacred offerings to all skiers and volunteers. On this day , many people perform charity functions such as money donation , helping the poor etc.

Happy Guru Purnima!!!!

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