Happy Gudi Padwa 2021

Every year people celebrate ‘Gudi Padwa’ with the grand celebration.This is an Indian traditional festival celebrated in India.This festival is majorily celebrated by the Marathi and konkani Hindu’s. This festival had special privilege in the state of Maharashtra.

This event had a celebration of one day.In Maharashtra this day is declared as a day off for the general population such as educational institutions , business and offices. People prepare for the Gudi padwa before a month. On this day , people worship God and Goddess.

This festival is also celebrated near the states of Maharashtra and Goa. This day marks their ‘New year’. In India there are various new year celebrations according to different communities and different manner.As an India Gives many chances to their people to begin their life from new hope and new journeys.

On this day , people greet or wish each other. On this day , major people visit their places to celebrate this festival with their families , friends and dear ones. This festival marks the beginning of spring season and ending of winter. This festival is celebrated by the different communities and in different manner , names and beliefs such as ugadi are celebrated as the southern new year on this day.

This festival is celebrated for the reaping of rabi crops during this season. This festival is celebrated on the First day of month of Chaitra (according to Hindu calendar)..in the month of march or april (according to Gregorian calendar). This festival describes the value of agricultural fields and their workers.

On this day , people begin their new life with new hope and spirit such as opening of new houses , ventures , purchasing of new vehicles or machinery etc.On this day , people forget their worries and pains and celebrate this festival with happiness and peace

.On this day , not only celebration decorations and delicious food are cooked. Decoration in the form of drawing colorful rangolis etc.On this day , people make special flags with the flowers , mango and neem leaves which top is covered with the silver or copper vessel as a symbol of Gudi. On this day , many events take place such as street dancing , music and competitions.

This festival is related to the belief of lord brahma. This special gudi is made in every household as a symbol of happiness ,  fortune , joy and spirit. This festival is known for the victory.On these days , people give each other.This is a sign of Humanity.It believed that Lord Brahma is come on the Earth to bless their children and celebrate this festival with them.

On this day cow dung poese a belif..the floors were swept clean with plastered form..this practice mainly in villages. On this day , people wear traditional new clothes. On this day , people celebrate this festival in their manner.On these days , markets and holiday venues are crowded.

This festival connects the people to people.On this day , a grand celebration took place by organizing small or big gatherings.This festival had special and historic belief and celebration. This day brings positivity , pleasure , peace and joy among the people.These Indian festivals aren’t celebrated on a fixed date , they are celebrated according to hindu calendar month or tithes.

On this day , people look for the warm wishes and surprise for their dear ones to make their festival more happy. But in pratica this will not work more than if you celebrate this festival with them or help them or make the expression of feelings in small words. This defines the enrichment and prosperity of a country named India.

These Indian festivals are the major attraction of tourists which leads to a value to local art and their artists.

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