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Friendship day , Every year this occasion is celebrated on the first Sunday of August Month annually. However in 2020 , this will be celebrated on the ‘2Aug’. This day is celebrated to make the bond of friendship stronger.This day is celebrated to define the special relations which an individual commits.

Friendship Day 2020
Friendship Day 2020

This day is celebrated Internationally on ‘30July’. This day is celebrated to show friendship and their importance in lives. This day adds a flavor of emotions such as love , care , happiness , joy , purity and innocence.This day is celebrated  This day is celebrated with the pomp and shower. 

This includes for the celebration such as parties , events , programs. This day refers to that personality who has been associated with us through many relations such as ‘Parent , guide and partner etc.’ This day is celebrated to value the noble feeling among the relation of friendship and friends.

This day is celebrated in honor of friends. This day had special prestige which celebrates the important personality known as Friend. This day involves various things which brings coordination and cooperation among the two known personalities.

However this relation is an that relation which can regard equal to blood relation or more than it. The ‘Relation’ termed use because this had created legacy and importance. This day is celebrated not for the celebration but to celebrate for their bonding , attachments.

On this day , Every individual manages the time for their important ones known as friends and tries to celebrate this day. This day is celebrated for the memories , their existence and thanks to them. This is the best way to regard your feelings and emotions for them.

On this day friends meet and exchange their gifts and wishes to each other (in traditional times) but however they exchange their messages and commence for the parties or celebration. This day celebrates new beings, friends and old friends.

The Day marks for the celebration because this involves the commencement of two personalities which can’t live without them. Friendship doesn’t make for celebration but to regard our relation as a new shape. This day is associated with feelings and relation value.

This day is celebrated in different and unique manner such as :

  • National Friendship day , First Sunday of August.
  • International friendship month , which is in February.
  • Women friendship day , Third Sunday in august.
  • Old , New friends week , which is in third week of may.

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