Happy Dwijing (Assam) 2021 hd Images, Quotes, Wishes

Dwijing is an Colorful festival celebrated in India . This is a traditional festival of Assam. This festival is celebrated on the banks of Aie river. This is a 12 days long festival. This is a popular festival celebrated in Assam. This festival of ‘Dwijing’ is arranged by the Government of Assam for their people and tourists.

This festival defines Assam culture. On this day , Official holiday takes place in Assam. This festival majorly celebrated in the city of Assam named Chirang. This festival begins from Dec and ends in Jan. On this day a grand celebration takes place such as a fest , fair , or events. On this festival many tourists visit the Assam city of chirang. This festival is celebrated with the great pomp and shower.

This festival provides better economic opportunities to local workers.  This festival includes Games , sports , competitions , delicious and many other joyful activities. On this day , people greet each other and exchange gifts. This festival celebration is so attractive which attracts the people in various Hollywood and bollywood personalities.

However the Word , ‘Aie’ refers to the meaning of Mother. This festival is celebrated as the Mother hood festival. This festival defines the value and importance of the River and prosperity of the state Assam. On this festival various rides take place such as Boat ride , Helicopter ride etc.

This is the biggest and signified festival which celebrates the water bodies festival. However the festival ‘Dwijing’ is a combination of two words. The First Word ‘Dwi’ refers to the Water and Second word ‘Jing’ means near which automatically defines the festival celebration near by the Water bodies.

On this day , Assamese wear traditional clothes and perform religious and cultural activities. On this festival socio cultural fest is organized by the Government ..however many other events also take place. In these events/fest , traditional and local activities and performance takes place.

This festival is also popular with the name of ‘Aie River Winter Festival’. This festival brings happiness , joy , patriotism , respect , love and freshness. On this day , the state of Assam became lighted and delighted. This festival was firstly introduced by the Chief Minister of Assam named , ‘Sarbananda Sonowal’ in 2016-17 for the entertainment purpose.

This festival is a major attraction of Assam and their tourists. On this day , people majorly visited chirang to visit the gala celebration. This festival is celebrated in the Winter season because in the summer season due to high rainfall the water of Aie river creates the chances of floods and many other problems.

This festival provides various types of economic support to the state such as popularity , priority to local artists etc. This festival is celebrated near the bridge of Hagrama Bridge. This is one of the biggest and brightest festivals..at night the sky becomes lighten. This festival considers the beauty and pride of Assam.

These festival events are listed over social media , in newspapers etc, where the people can note it. This festival doesn’t consider the huge amount of charges. This festival is celebrated under the guidance of ‘Assam tourism development program’. This festival is innovated to attract the people from the world. These days , Assam Chirang city is seen as a city of lights and happiness.

This festival defines the people’s importance of the Aie river. This Aie river manages the livelihood of 30000 families.Before these days , the market became crowded and social gatherings took place to manage this event. On these days , people decorate their houses , businesses which are a major attraction of the city become everyone involved to celebrate this festival.

Aie River is the main reason for this festival celebration. On this day people worship the Lord of water and many gods for this life and request their wish to fulfill. It is believed that God and goddesses came on Earth and along with the humans they celebrated this festival. 

Every year tourists and Assamese people await this day. This day feels an emotion of prosperity , Purity and pleasure. On this day , people start their new work. This festival however not any story or history behind it , this is celebrated for the fun. This is an one of popular festival which exists for entertainment and positivity purposes..

The Managers of these festivals are generally political and youth generation. This festival creates many memories or moments in the hearts and minds of tourists and the people of state. On this festival a great crowd of people takes place but the management manages in a good way which makes the celebration possible in an effective and efficient manner.

This festival celebration had great involvement in the development of Assam and their people. This festival brings peace and love to the Assamese. On these days , Hagarnma bridge is a center attraction of the festival , a quiet crowd takes place. This festival is considered an artificial festival.

These days , not only the traditionalism of Assam takes place but the decoration of other cultures takes place. Some people enjoy the 12 days of this festival. Before the day of festival tickets are booked. This festival isn’t deemed to humiliate any state or religion. This festival with the natural items.

However the largest oil refinery is situated in Assam. This festival helps the state to develop the country and introduce new ideas. By a year , this festival is celebrated with more energy and in a more unique manner. This festival improves the relation of toruits community with our India. This festival connects people with the locality.

The Geography defines the River Aie which is known as Mother for the Assamese. River Aie is a flow of Himalaya Mountains in Bhutan and passes through Chirang and Bongaigaon before joining the river of Brahmaputra. This river is considered a holy river in Assam. This river manages the livelihood of people in various forms such as Crops , fishing , Stone and sand collection ..many other activities.

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