Happy Durga Pooja (Navaratri) 2021 Images, Quotes, Wishes

Durga Pooja is Traditional Indian Festival celebrated majorly by Hindu. It is a traditional nine days festival. Durga Pooja is known as ‘Navratri’. This festival is celebrated before Diwali. However , Traditionally there are four navratri celebrations. These days celebration doesn’t practice on a fixed date.

These days are celebrated according to Hindu Calendar. These days celebrate falls in Ashvin mass. This festival is marked as a religious and cultural festival. These days don’t commend official holidays , one day of sthapna is marked as holiday.

happy durga ashtami pic
happy durga ashtami pic

This festival typically falls in the month of September and October. These days , people worship the nine Goddess and practice fasts.  This festival is known with the other names such as , ‘ Naurathri , Navratram , Nauratan’.’ This festival had different names but the ceremony of celebration was regarded for the same.

This day begins from the ‘Ashvin Shukla Prathma’ and ends on ‘Ashvin Shukla Navami’. This day had special value for the devotees of Goddess Durga. This festival is celebrated with the grand celebration ..activities involved such as dance , music , plays and competition etc. On Navratri , a special folk dance is performed known as ‘Dandiya , Garba’.

happy durga ashtami quotes in hindi
happy durga ashtami quotes in hindi

It is believed that the Durga battles came on the Earth to restore the ‘Dharma’. This festival denotes the Victory over demon. To celebrate these days many events take place such as Ramlila , mela etc. This is a post monsoon autumn festival. These days are observed with the Stage setting , Puja , prayers , image immersion or bonfire.

This Navratri is known as ‘Sharda Navratri’.  In the Southern part , it is celebrated in a different manner but the theme is the same ..’Victory over the evil’. The Word ‘Navarti’ is derived from the Sanskrit languages which refer to Nine days. After Nine days , Vijaydashmi or Dussehra is celebrated.

This festival is celebrated before the diwali. It is believed that Goddess durga and their battles came on Earth to bless their devotees. These days are celebrated in the honor of Divine Femine Goddess Durga (Devi). These days are celebrated in memory of famous legend Lord Rama.

happy durga ashtami sms
happy durga ashtami sms

This festival is also known as the major crop season. On these days , people visit holy temples of Goddess Durga. On these days , people wear traditional clothes and celebrations take place in religious and cultural format. On these days , many Goddess Durga stories telecast on television or radio ..over social media nowadays.

On these days , People worship Goddess Durga and request them to grant their Wish. These days are considered auspicious days. These days , people practice their new work or start their new work such as purchasing new machinery , opening new ventures etc.This festival takes place in every colony , house and societies in special pandals and theme projects.

happy durga ashtami wishes
happy durga ashtami wishes

On these days , fireworks and devotional; dcorational takes place. These days , classical and folk performances practice according Hindu terminology. Major celebrations take place in Gujarat. On these days with the goddess Laxmi , Saraswati ..other Gods worship such as Lord Ganesh , Shiva , Krishna etc.

These days are celebrated which educate people about the Indian vedic histories. On these days , celebrations take place in educational institutions. This is an unique and different festival. This festival defines the Women power. Durga Pooja majorly celebrated in Begnal in a grand manner.

This festival defines the battle of women against the Demon..However on this day Battle of Goddess Durga with the demon Mahisaurh. Farmers , carpenters , Warriors decorate and worship their weapons. In 2020 , this festival would be celebrated on , ‘17th of Oct to 25th of Oct’.

happy durga ashtami
happy durga ashtami

On these days special offers and skims take place in markets. People begin the shopping of Diwali …the market is crowded. These days , many vacation places are crowded. On these days , people visit their homtomes to celebrate these days with their loved ones or family.  On each day of Navaratri , one Goddess is worshipped.

Goddess worship on nine days , list:

  • On the First day , Goddess Shailaputirh worshipped.
  • On the Second Day ,  Goddess Brahmacharini worshipped.
  • On the third day , Goddess Chandraghanta worshipped.
  • On the Fourth day , Goddess Kushmanda worshipped.
  • On the Fifth day, Goddess Skandamata Worshipped.
  • On the Sixth day , Goddess Katyani Devi worshipped.
  • On the Seven day , Goddess Kalaratrih Devi worshipped.
  • On the Eight day , Goddess Mahagauri Worshipped.
  • On the Ninth Day , Goddess Siddhidarti devi worshipped.

These days are celebrated with happiness , joy and spirit. To make these days more divine many people practice donations and charity work . On 10 Nights people dissolve in the celebration. On these days , small girls are considered equal with the Goddess Durga. These kanyas (Girls) are invited for the dinner to impress Lord Durga.

These days , some people decorate their houses , business places with lights. Classification of for types of Navratri :

  • Sharda Navratri : Celebrated during autumn season.
  • Vasanta Navratri : Celebrated During Spring season.
  • Magha Navratri : Celebrated during Winter magha months , known as vasant panchmi.
  • Ashada Navratri : Celebrated during monsoon season.

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