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Every year of ‘11aug ‘ a special day is celebrated across World at the annual frequency known as ‘Daughter’s day’. This day is celebrated by various countries on different dates but the motto behind it is the same. However National daughters day is celebrated on 25 Sept  , the ‘World Daughter’s day ‘ is celebrated on ‘28Sept’. Some countries celebrate ‘1Oct’ or on ‘Fourth day in September’.

Daughter's Day 2020
Daughter’s Day 2020

This day is celebrated to value and respect the daughter This day is celebrated by the parents for their girl child. This day is not  only a celebration of a girl child but a relationship.On this day , the daughter feels and provides special privileges and value among the country. This day is celebrated for the joy , happiness , care , innocence, love and respect of a daughter.

This day is celebrated to create awareness among the people  about the favorbility and importance of daughters in society and their lives. This day is protesting against the individuals who commence their unfavorable and bad behavior with their daughters. This day is celebrated in honor of a girl child or daughter.

happy daughters day pic
happy daughters day pic

This day encourages the daughters and females about their rights and significance in the society and world. This day is celebrated to overcome the crimes and cases which are associated with the harassment of females , especially small girl children. This day is considered with the female or women association committee.

This day makes for the equality of mentality with the son. This day is protesting against the people about aborting the girl child sue to wish for a son child. This day is justified and certified under the government assurance of India. This day is celebrated on honor and support for the daughter and females.

This day is associated with the emotions and feelings. This day is celebrated for the princess , little angels , goddess and sparrows of our house (vocabulary assertion to regard the daughter ).This day is associated with the program such as events , campaigns , rallies and performance but also with theme code and hashtags which is trending in the Modern world.

In 2019 , the program schedule was ‘Empowering girls for a better future’. The Aim was to encourage and educate the girl child to stand  for a better future for them and the world. The hashtag were determined as #Daughter’s , # NationalDaughterDay , #Future etc. This day defines the wonderful bond between the girl child or daughter with their parents.

This day is associated with the rights of girls such as education , freedom , Authority and etc. This day is not celebrated for the biological daughter or step daughter but for all those girls who have not parents or like your daughter.This is your elder sister , employee or any other girl child.

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