Happy Chhath Puja 2021 hd Images, Quotes, Wishes

Chhath Puja is an Traditional Indian Festival celebrated In India. This festival is listed as one of the Indian festivals.This festival majorly celebrated in Bihar , Uttar Pradesh , Jharkhand and Nepal. This festival is celebrated to thank Sun and  Goddess Shashthi.This is an Hindu vedic Festival.

happy chhath puja
happy chhath puja

This festival is a four day festival. On this festival , Official Holiday takes place in some states. On this day , people worship Sun and Goddess Shashthi (Chhathi Maivya) to thank them for their life and wish for their well beings..requesting to Grant their wishes. 

This festival is also known as ‘Chhaith , Dala Puja , Surya Shashthi , Dala Chhath and Chhath Parva’. This festival is a cultural and religious festival. It is believed that Goddess Chhath and the Lord Surya (Sun) along with its Consorts Usha and Pratyusha comes on Earth to bless the People.

On this day , people worship nature and special powers. On this day , people greet each other and exchange gifts. This festival is celebrated with families and friends. This festival brings happiness , joy , love , respect , belonging and Togetherness. On this occasion , the environment becomes pure and fresh. However this festival is celebrated by many communities.

On this day , People wake up early to worship the first ray of Sun and In evening the last ray of Sun. People celebrate these days in the ritual way. On this day , people take holy baths ,  practice fasting and many religious activities such as standing for a long period of time in water.

On this occasion people consider donations and charity events to make this festival special for others . People celebrate this festival in a different and unique manner. This festival is celebrated near the banks of the river. This festival is considered the most eco friendly festival. On this festival a grand celebration takes place with the delicious food.

This festival is majorly celebrated in Northern regions. However this festival celebration takes place in International times such as Japan , United States and Australia . This Indian festival connects people from its culture and religion. This festival is celebrated by Hindu’s and Jainism.

This Occasion of Four days doesn’t have fixed timings of celebration , this festival is celebrated according to Hindu calendar. This festival falls in the month of ‘Kartika’. This festival is dedicated to the Lord Surya family and Goddess Chhath (who is known as sister of Lord Surya ). In 2020 , this festival will be celebrated on ‘20th of November’. 

These days are considered auspicious days. On these days people start their new work. This festival takes place in small and big organizing. On this day people worship nature power such as Light , energy and life force. On this day , people wish for the prosperity and happiness in their life. The Celebration takes place with the decorations.

This festival is a major Bihar Festival. Festival falls in October and November month. This festival is dedicated to the Lord Surya (Sun) and Goddess Shashthi because the Lord Surya who is known as lord of powers and Goddess Shashthi who benefactor and protector of their children. On this special puja and religious events take place.

This festival is a festival of Nature because of this people worship nature and celebrate under the keeping nature importance in their mind. These days are known for bringing good luck and positivity in the life of people. This festival is celebrated in India which has a story/belief and reason  behind it.

According to vedic books , the Karna who is known as son of Lord Surya and Kunti had performed the ritual to worship Lord Surya and nature powers. He ruled the ‘Anga Desh’ ..In modern times it is situated in Bhagalpur in Bihar. On these days , people honor the Nature power and Life forces. (Reason)

According to Historical belief’s  , The Rishis of Yesteryears perform this practice. He doesn’t take any part of food to remain alive ..he is alive by obtaining energy from the Sun. By performing this practice people practice varati during these days.

It is said that Lord Rama and Goddess Sita had kept ‘Vrati’ (fast) together and practiced puja to Lord Surya during the Month of Kartik in shukla paksha after returning to Ayodhya  after exile of  14 Years. 

This festival is celebrated to focus the people on the value and importance of nature’s powers. They define the favorability o f these powers and affect on their daily life. This festival is celebrated on the six day of Kartik month because in the Sanskrit language  ‘Chhath’ is referred as Sixth.

These days , small vacations are planned by the people. These days are celebrated by the people in different countries in their manner but aim to celebrate the same. On this day , many people fast become known as ‘Vrati’. The devotees of Lord and Goddess perform the Vati without water.

Every year people await this festival. This festival creates the moments and captures the happiness and belonging.  Due to vedic reasons of beliefs , stories this festival had more significance for the people and devotees of lord and goddess. This festival defines the devotional values. It is believed that Lord Surya and Goddess Chhath come on Earth hidden to bless their children and fulfill their wishes.

This festival is celebrated in folk ways using mantras and many other activities. This festival falls in the winter season. This is a festival of dedication and devotion. On this day , after worship God Parasad is offered as the blessings of God. On this festival social gatherings take place at the bank of water bodies.

Happy Chhath Pooja!!!!…enjoy your festival.

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