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Cheti Chand

Cheti Chand is an Indian Festival celebrated by the Sindhi Community. This festival is celebrated by the Sindhis as their New Year. On this day , official holidays take place in banks , educational institutions etc. This festival is a one day celebration. This festival poses a special value for Sindhi’s.

Sindhi is listed in one of the popular communities of India. This day is an auspicious day for the sindhi. It is believed that Sindhi’s Saint was ‘Jhulelal and Istadev Uderolal ‘ born. This day is celebrated with great pomp and shower. This festival is celebrated when the new moon is visible after no moon day.

This day is celebrated as Birth anniversary of sindhi saints. On this day , they worship their saints and exchange wishes , gifts with their dear ones. This festival is majorly celebrated with the family and friends. This day is also marked as ‘Juhlelal Jayanti’.This festival majorly comes in the spring season. 

People celebrate this season , this season is regarded as ‘King of Season’.According to History , Large and fertile Kingdom was ruled by the ‘King Mirskshah’. He forced the kingdom people to convert into their religion. He pressured and punished them due to not converting people into their religion.

Due to this , Kingdom people gathered together and prayed to the God at the River sindhu. It was believed they prayed for the 40 days continuously at the Bank of River.After the 40 Days , they heard prophecy from the sky. The Prophecy said that a divine baby was born in the house of Devika and Ratanchand lahore which was later known as Julehlal.

It is said that people saw the vision of Entire river Sindhu in their baby mouths.This baby was later on known as ‘Lord of Swing’. However the Mirakash tried to kill the baby , but he failed every time. After a year , Jhulelal grew up and he met Mirakash and transformed him in their divine wisdom. Sindh became a happy kingdom again.

On this day sindhi worships river sindh. On this festival , sindhis makes an symbolic representation of Jhulelal in their house , which is known as ‘Bahrana sahib’.

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