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Buddha Purnima is one of Indian festivals celebrated across the World. This festival is a one day festival. Buddha Purnima is celebrated as ‘Buddha Birthday’. On this day , legend Lord Buddha was born. This festival is majorly celebrated in East Asia. This festival is also known as ‘Buddha Jayanti’.

This festival is celebrated according to hindu calendar. This festival falls on the full moon day. Prince Siddhartha Gautama was later known as Gautama Buddha. He was the founder of Buddhism. This festival had a grand celebration under the religious and cultural times.

buddha purnima quotes english
buddha purnima quotes english

This day is an one of auspicious day. This day is considered an official day. This day is a sign of purity , spirituality , victory. Many people on this day visit temples to listen to the Monk. This festival is celebrated to honor Lord Buddha. Lord Buddha is one who introduced the mark of ‘Sanyas’.

Lord Buddha is the first personality who draws the attention of people towards the Simple life. They were the First Sanyashi. They introduce people to another face of life in which they had denoted their life to meet God. They encourage the people to leave the life of  ‘Moh Maya’ and to live as ‘Sanyashi’.

buddha purnima quotes hd
buddha purnima quotes hd

They have not only encouraged the people in India but all over the World. That is why their devotees or followers are not in India but all over the World. They had given vedic knowledge to people. On this day people wear white clothes and eat vegetarian food.

On this day , people remind the Lord Buddha and their speeches and knowledge given to the World. This day is celebrated with charity works such as people donate food , money and help the poor.The Celebration becomes more interesting when decoration takes place especially with flowers.

This day makes the environment pure and pleasure. This day is more special for the devotees of Lord Buddha. Lord Buddha shows people a way of Nonviolence , care and simple living. They said avoid luxurious life and come to the asylum of God. It was believed that on this day a woman Named Sujata Offered a bowl of Milk.

buddha purnim -quotes with images
buddha purnim -quotes with images

There is a story behind the Gautama Buddha. Gautama Buddha was the Prince named Siddharata Gautama. One day , he visited their kingdom in which he saw every face of life, death , birth , sadness and happiness ..from this he got the idea of leaving the luxuries of life and lived as a sanyasi.

This day is celebrated in the memory of Lord Buddha who has given the way to utilize the birth of Human. They spread spirituality into the world. Their teachings are so impressive and attract people to live like them. Special shine and glow in their personality and words.

Gautam Buddha ate his last meal offered by a blacksmith.After that he violently fell ill due to food poisoning and he died. However he had gone from the Earth but their teachings , inspiration is felt now every time too. They always teach good and positive things.

The Community of Jainism in Hindu society is a strict follower of Buddhism.Buddhism teachings and their speeches is favourable and faithful for the people and the World. They had introduced meditation. After leaving the luxuries life , they deep in their meditation and bare feet educate people about the Life.

However the Generations had composed various books on their lifestyle , teachings etc. Buddha Jayanti is one of the religious festivals. Gautma Buddha always said they are just a simple person not a god. They refuse them as god or extraordinary man. This day had special privilege because this legend was born.

buddha purnima quotes
buddha purnima quotes

They encourage people to switch to  vegetarian. They said life should be lived in three words which is Moral , Meditation and Wisdom. Buddha believes in karma. He was also known as ‘Shakyamuni’. He was devoted to God. On this day people worship lord buddha. They arose from non vedic knowledge.

No written records maintained by the Gautma Buddha , he believed in oral education or knowledge. On this day , it was believed lord buddha came on the Earth to bless their children. This day focuses the people on how to live and other things related to Human lives.

They don’t bound anyone to listen to their rules and speech. On this day people wish each other and celebrate him their way. This jayanti is celebrated with our loved ones. This jayanti can be celebrated by anyone because it means by buddha there should be no difference of caste and creed.

This day celebration becomes more grand when it is celebrated with our loved and family members. This day defines the feelings and emotion value with anyone such as air bacteria , forest animal , thief etc. We should follow them and step on their way to live life.

This day is a celebration of togetherness and belonging. On this day , most people practice fast. This festival became more good when the Lord Buddha Bhajan added in the event of celebration. This festival connects the people with their culture and religion. This festival is a pride in India , who gave birth to a legendary personality.

We should respect them and value their rules. We should celebrate this festival. On this occasion , I just want to say may lord Buddha bless you lots of prosperity , success and happy life.

Happy Buddha Jayanti!!!..

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