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Masi’s birthday is a very special day for the person. This day can be celebrated in a different manner by different sections of society. One of the most widely recognized methods of festivity is tossing birthday celebrations of Masi. Birthdays are celebrated because they have completed one more year. 

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On Masi birthday, we received many presents from friends, parents and from relatives. On this day many people donate money to the various foundations as well as orphanages and NGOs. In modern days many people on their Masi’s birthdays spend the whole day in orphanages or old age homes. On this day the birthday person (Masi) is feeling blessed by everyone and a centre of attraction.

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The birthday of Masi is celebrated with lots of love and joy because she is the most loved girl in the house. If she is far from our house we send her many gifts like: new dresses, chocolates and many more things. 

If she lives in our same city then we can go to her places  and organise a small party with her best friend and family and celebrate by cutting a cake of her favourite flavour and organise a date with her husband. To make her feel special we can also make a short video on her of his journey like how she came to this world, her childhood and give lots of blessings.

Happy Birthday Masi

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Give the best wishes by saying  “HAPPY BIRTHDAY MASI” OR “HAPPY BIRTHDAY MASI-MAA” My prayers for you from the god that god solve all your problems and never allow you worry about anything in life and shower some blessing on you. My dear masi you are my great friend, philosopher and my good adviser. You are my second mother and you always take care of me as a son more than a nephew

You are a true inspiration for me. I always want to become like you as a good person. You taught me many basic manners and basic things of life like: how to become stronger in the worst part of our life and many more things. You always show me the correct path of my life and guide me when I go wrong. You are so protective and kind that I will surely tell you that you are the sun of our family that is always bright as sunshine. May on your birthday party, I give a special gift and so many hugs. 

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You are not only sweet, beautiful and cool but you are also very caring, may god give you a very successful life in upcoming years. Maybe I am the last one to wish you but I will assure you I will be the number one to stand for you. 

I match your style whenever you dress up and I love your dressing sense .Enjoy your special day. You solve all my problems in any kind of situation. Every problem is very small in front of you so happy birthday to my superwomen. Thank you for the love that you bring into my life. Wish a very happy birthday my wonderful Masi!

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