Happy Bhaubeej, Bhai Dooj 2021 Date, Images Quotes, Wishes

Bhau Beej is a festival celebrated in India. This festival is also popular with the other names such as Bha Dooj , Bhai Tika , Bhai Phonta . This festival is celebrated majorly by Hindus. This festival is celebrated according to Hindu Calendar. Bhau Beej /Bhai Dooj is celebrated on ‘Second Lunar of Bright Fortnight’…In Local Indian Language ‘Shukla Paksha in the Vikaram Samvat’.

bhai dooj images
bhai dooj images

This festival is celebrated to define the bond between the Brother and Sister. This festival is celebrated after Diwali. Bhai Dooj had special valued festivals between the siblings. This festival is celebrated with the pomp and shower. Celebrations take place like Raksha Bandhan.

Bhai Dooj brings happiness , joy , spirit , freshness , love , feelings and understanding. These types of festivals make stronger bonds between the siblings. These Festivals help in creating memories or moments. On this day , sisters give gifts to their brother’s..brother to their sister.

In the Southern Part Of India , This day is celebrated as Yama Dwitiya. However in Kayastha Communities , Two Bhai Dooj is celebrated. First One is celebrated after Diwali and second after the Holi. This day is to celebrate the relationship of brother and sister. This festival had no particular date to celebrate , it falls according to Hindu tithes.

This day is a religious holiday and Public Holiday.This festival is celebrated in Nepal. In 2020 , This festival is celebrated on 16th of November. On this day , special activity is performed by the sisters…Sister performs puja’s and tikka ceremony. On this day , the Sister prays for their brother’s long life , well wishes and prosperity.

The Relation of Brother and Sister plays many roles such as supporter , Guider , partner , Protectors , admires , friends and many others. This day is known as auspicious day. This day celebrates unique relations and understanding.Thisfestival is an traditional festival.

This festival celebration had a story behind it. According to Hindu terminology , Lord Krishna visited her Sister after killing the Demon Narakasura. Her Sister gave a warm welcome by the considerate puja’s by applying  ‘Tilak’ on the forehead of  her brother with the sweets and flowers. Due to this , This occasion is celebrated.

Another story ,  The God of Death ‘Yama’ and his sister Goddess River ‘Yamuna’ met on the second day after the new moon. Due to this , it is called ‘Yamadwitheya’. These stories define the special bond of brother and sister and dignity of relation.However this relation is pure and innocent relation.

This Festival is named with the meaning and mindset. Bhai Dooj is a special combination of historic words such as Bhai and Dooj. The First word ‘Bhai’ which means Brother and the Second word ‘Dooj’ which means second day after the new moon. The Topic name delivers the celebration time.

On this day , the environment becomes emotional and positive. This day is a day of siblings. On this day , Brothers take a vow to protecting their sister. This festival is known by different names in different cultures but mean and feelings are the same. This day shows the love , concern and respect for them. This holds special priority because it connects the bond of relation more tight. This day is a day of togetherness and belonging which is celebrated with our family ones. On this day both brother and sister show their expression of unconditional love and concern for them.

This day is the best day to thank them and show their importance and value in their life. This day brings shines and glow on brother and sister. However those girls who have no brother celebrate this day by offering prayers to God Moon. This day is all about strength, the unique bond of siblings (brother sister).

On this festival with the special celebration and special dinings also takes place …On this delicious food practice takes place which adds a flavour to the festival. This festival also connects with our history , religion and cultural prosperity. On this day not only siblings together but the family too. This festival shows the enrichment of India.

There are two festivals celebrated in a year which celebrates this unique relation of Brother and sister . One is Raksha Bandhan and another one is Bhai dooj. These festivals are enough to make stronger relationships or bonds between them (siblings ; brother or sister). This day is celebrated by siblings in their own way after performing the traditional performance.

This festival is listed in one of the popular festival celebrations and defines the special connection. This festival is celebrated every year with more happiness and spirit. This Brother Sister festival is awaited by every sibling every year to celebrate. This day improves the connection of brother and sister , especially busy siblings.

On this day , brother and sister exchange sweet and lovely wishes and moments. This day starts with the emotions and ends with praying well wishes for each other. This is a day of goodness , responsibility and togetherness. On this day , many offers may take place such as discount coupons , sale.

 The Gift exchanging and lovely fights make this festival extraordinarily lovely. On this day brother and sister prays their bond should remain long and stronger day by day. This festival is also celebrated between sisters , where one sister regards this ceremony with another sister. It is believed that , on this day god and goddess come to the Earth to bless this relation and their child.

This festival had a grand celebration. This festival is incomplete without the siblings. This festival is celebrated by enjoying every second of this day.On this day brother and sister wear new clothes and worship god to thank them to make them for each other. This bond makes the special occasion of celebration.

Wishing you very Happy Bhai dooj!!!!..enjoy this festival with your siblings!!!

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