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Wishing You a Very Happy and Prosperous Basant panchmi !!!! On this day I want to wish that Goddess Saraswati bless you with the Knowledge and Wisdom.

With the Celebration we need to know the meaning of “Basant panchmi”.  It had been considered with the two terms which is “BASANT”  and “Panchmi”. The Term “Basant” refers for the season of “Patjhad ka mihna ya rithu” according to the Indian customs and traditions and “Panchmi”  refers to the celebration of Birthday of Goddess Saraswati”. The Combination of it (Basant + Panchmi = Basant Panchmi) introduced at the celebration and worship of nature and goddess.

This festival is Known as the “King of Season”. This festival is  considered in “Krishna paksha of Falgun Mas”. This festival is significant or signified for the  lovers of nature , knowledge , music and art.


In Our Vedic and Traditional India , there is a History besides the every festival or occasion. The Occasion of “Basant Panchmi” commence for the same. The Story Behind the Basant Panchmi are as follows: On this day the “Brahma”  who is creature of World wanted to see their creature , after becoming.  After Becoming , when proceed for the journey , they become very sad and disappointed with their environment and elegance of world. They Become sad and disappointed because on this Earth everyone is lonely and complete silence had been exist over that area.

Due to this , they went for the “God Vishnu” for the problem solving. After the meeting with them , they went with their solution. With that , He took some droplets of pure water (from the Yamuna , Ganga , Godavari and Narmada) in the Kamandal and Sprinkled in the air. With that sprinkles , An Angel had been appeared from the tree. The “Brahma”  asked for that angel to sing something because the Earth was silent , After that the Angle beings to sing . The Angel had sang song  this with the musical instrument , later on named “Veena”. That music was so elegant , sweet which had woken up the whole Earth in form of Nature Innovation , birds and everywhere.  Makes the Earth with shines and delighted , this had been resulted from that old or ancient time to Modern till and definitely in Future.

From that day , This festival is known to be celebrated  in “the occasion of  Innovation nature or  construction of world enchantment and birth of Goddess Saraswati”. From that day , Goddess Saraswati is known for the Music and knowledge , named as “Veena Vadhni”. This had to be celebrated as “Birthday of Goddess Saraswati and Nature creature”   according to modern Indian language. 

From that time there had been no creature and innovation accordingly. This had been taken place first and last time.This meant History over the World.

Meaning or Why it is celebrated ???:

The Basant panchmi had been celebrated on the occasion of “Birth of Goddess Saraswati and Birth of Nature and Earth”. This had endorse meaning for the celebration which consider the birth of “Talented lady in form of Goddess “ and “Nature and Environment consideration for our lives “. This  had meant for both the circumstances which would be “In form of Indian traditions and customs or beliefs principles” and  “According to season of Nature and Environment commencement”. Due to this belief , this had been celebrated occasion or festival with the Great pomp and shower.

This had been so meaningful and important for the Earthlings to thank them and managed according to them. Without this occasion we did not empower these special and unique commitments. Due to that this history on that time of  day period , makes us capable to live happily and enjoy it. 

The Basant Panchmi had also meaning in International times . But this had been Known as “Spring season” for the International beings. This had been known for their different and unique way of existence or Introduction.

How Celebration takes place ??

This had been commenced for the ending of Winter Season . The Celebration takes place within the Indian custom of “Fifth Day (panchami) of the ‘Magh ‘ month according to Hindu Calendar. On this many or various forms of celebration takes place.

On this day , The Main program takes place which would be ,  We Pray “Goddess Saraswati and Nature or Environment ” . And we wish for the well (knowledge , Wisdom , Music and art).

 The Goddess Saraswati would be Worship with the Gulab or flower (yellow) , Pure water , incense , lamp .Puja had been celebrated with the as per tradition , Yellow flowers dedicated to “Goddess Saraswati” , Yellow and Sweet rice or yellow halwa had been commenced which had regarded as”pRasad”.

After that ,Firstly  Speech program takes places and secondary Music , Dance, Art and lastly competition takes place. On this day people wear Yellow clothes . On this day with the celebration the environment also takes place different , lovely and sweet. It gives positive , happy and knowledgeable vibes or feel. 

After the various programs , we the gift and food program take place. It had been enjoyed and managed in great and good way. On this environment demands for the smile , positivity , innocence , peacefulness , silence, love , purity and trust. Their demands so been so impressive and let go all the negativity , depression and loneliness. This day celebrated in Indian customs and modern times.This celebration makes us effective and efficient and delighted. This celebration is so impressive and surprise , it may touch eyes , mind and heart.

The Day of Basant Panchmi considered good for the “New Beginning of Life and for any work”. On this flowers and environment blooms and delighted. The Day had been celebrated with the welcome of “Happiness , positivity and colors” in life. The day renewals “Subh” for all new beginnings.  You must celebrated this festival.

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