Happy Badna Festival 2021 hd Images, Quotes, Wishes

Bandna is a festival celebrated in India. This festival is majorly celebrated in West Bengal , Assam , Jharkhand and Bihar. This Festival is celebrated in India at the annual frequency. This day is celebrated but has an unofficial holiday. This festival is not celebrated on a particular date , this is celebrated under the Hindu calendar tithi.

Bandna is celebrated on Kartik month of Amavasya. This festival is a seven day celebration. This festival brings prosperity , smile , joy , energy and love. This festival is celebrated with our loved and dear ones. This festival connects the person with their old times or histories.

happy badna festival
happy badna festival

This festival is valued to Farmers. Bandna celebration of the paddy seeds that are done by the farmer in their field in the water region.This is an traditional festival of Kudmi tribe and Kudmali.This festival is popular in East India. On this day people worship cattle’s , cows.

This festival is celebrated at the Grand Level. The first three day are Chumaan , Fourth day is Goth Pooja , Fifth is Goriya Pooja , Sixth day is celebrated as Borod Khuntaan and Seven day of Budhi Bandna. Some people celebrate till the three days because they are major ones.

These festivals connect the people with their country and their feelings. This festival freshens our mood from the tensions.This festival comes under the religious festival. Bandna can be celebrated by any community. It is believed that it is an auspicious day. These days people celebrate it ..create and capture memories of love and togetherness.

This festival is associated with the story. When  Lord Shiva created a community of man , he provided them  one time food. After the offer of time food the lord leaves them on their side. Due to this they got angry and hungry. Due to this they request Lord shiva to help them and define their motto of their life.

After that many requests and crises Lord Shiva present in front their creatures and Gave them the idea to use land. In time , he multiplied them and advised them to their own food by cultivating land. However they had cultivated land without machines and use of the cattles. That is why this festival is celebrated and cattles worship.

In Indian festival terminology  there is a story  and reasons behind every celebration of the festival. Before this festival people clean their houses and the sheds of cattles. On this day ,  people light lamps and diyas outside and inside their house. With the lightens of lamps bundles of grass were placed on the roof of cattle sheds for the availability of food for cattle’s. On this day cattle’s bathe and are decorated with possible methods , such as oiling horns etc.

This festival is celebrated by Hindu cultivator caste. On this day , people worship god and thank them. The Fields decorated with flowers and cultivators wear new clothes. This festival is celebrated with the lights and delicious food. This festival is incomplete without puja fields.

This is a seasonal festival. At the night of this day , the sky becomes shinier than other nights. The Environment becomes happy and pleasant. On this day , people wear new clothes and perform celebrations in different and unique manners. On this day people thank cultivators for which they can get food.

This festival is popular in land festivals. This festival defines the importance of farmers and their fields. This festival introduces people with hard jobs to work cultivators for them. On this day , farmers make donations or perform charity works. This day is important for the farmers’ families and their ones. On this day , many popular music is sung in which they worship god , cultivation prosperity and many religious rhythms.

This day is celebrated to use the land and honor the land who self died for the humans.On this day , it is believed that Lord Shiva hidden comes on Earth to help poors and helpless…they bless their child for their hard work and world . Bandna is a festival celebrated with the cattles who helped in our histories and presently.

This festival defines the truth  that they (Humans) have to work to make human life successful and happy….to fulfill their need.This festival defines the importance of work with the possible methods. Wishing your Very Happy Bandna ..enjoy your occasion with our ones!!!

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