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Ayudha Pooja is a festival celebrated in India. In 2020 , This festival is celebrated on the 25th  Oct of Sunday. This festival is a festival of Sikkim. This festival is one of the most popular in  Indian festivals. It is a part of Navaratri festival. It is popular with the name of ‘Astra Puja’. In Simple , This is a festival of ‘Worshiping Instruments’.

This festival is not celebrated on Fixed date time. This festival falls according to Hindus tithi’s. This festival is celebrated on ‘Tenth day of the Bright half of the Moon cycle of the 15th day. This is also known as Dasara Festival. In Tamil Nadu and Telgana is known as ‘Aayudha Puja’. This  festival is known in different names in different states but ritual stands the same for them.

At this festival , people Worship weapons and tools. This pooja is also known as ‘Saraswati Pooja’. It is popularly known as part of Dasara. On this day , people worship Goddess. On this day , Grant pooja is offered to goddesses to impress them. In Karnataka , This festival celebrates the victory of Goddess by killing the demon ‘Mahishasura’. 

This festival is celebrated in quite a varied manner. Golu Festival is an Ayudha festival.  Mostly this is a festival of Goddess. On this day , the principal goddess of Shakti is named Goddess Sarswati , Laxmi and Paravati etc. worship with their weapons. It is believed that , on this day all nine goddesses are hidden present on the Earth to bless their childs.

On this day , Goddess fulfill people wishes and bless them. This festival is a sign of victory over the wrong or cruel/Demon. This festival brings togetherness and belonging. This festival educates the people to fight against their rights and respect , especially committing for women. 

On these festivals , the market offers a great deal of sale such as discount coupons , sales and free skim. People purchase their new things or open new ventures or something new on these days. These days are known as favourable and auspicious days. These days bring the feeling of devotion. On this day of Goddess people avoid non vegetarian and drinks (Alcohol , beer etc.).

On this festival people wear traditional clothes. This festival celebrated with great energy because of this official holiday. They worship goddess under the observance of music instruments , weapons , machines and veneration of Implements.

This day educate the people ..especially women about heroines who fight against the demon not for them but for the world. This festival makes us feel pride ..as we were born in India . This day connects the people with the tradition. This festival draws the attention of people towards their histories and reasons behind the celebration in particular manner.

This festival is a festival of nine days in nine goddess worshipped. Each goddess has their day and value of worship. These days , people celebrate by worshiping goddesses and playing dandiya. People visit temples and make donations and charities. On these special preferences is provided to Girls . On this day , Girls are regarded as the incarnation of Goddesses.

People make sculptures of Goddess with the sand , cement and soon items. This had given employment opportunities to poor people and value to artisans. These days are also regarded as holiday vacations , people visit hill stations.

On this day , celebration takes with the materiality of decoration…this takes place individually or by event organizing. On this day , major people practice fast and read vedic books. On this many big organizations take place such as events and social gatherings.

Ninth Day is known as Mahanavami day. Before the days , people performed cleanliness practices and various devotional work. On this day , the Goddess is decorated with the clothes , jewellery etc.ornaments. On this day , many events take place such as competition , dance , music and art.

On this day , people express their gratitude and honor to the Goddess. It performs an integral part of celebration.On these days delicious food takes place.  This festival brings happiness, motivation , love , spirit and joy which changes the environment with positivity and pleasure.

On this festival , weapons of the country were worshiped by our Prime Minister. These days are considered the best days ..awaited by the people. On the last days , fireworks also take place. Behind every Hindu festival there is a story and reason behind it.It is celebrated in traditional format.

Ayudh puja also means those instruments which you use such as machinery in industry  , agriculture should be Worshiped. This festival is Tamil Nadu , Karnataka , kerala and Andhra Pradesh. According to Indian aspect , we should worship Goddess not their weapons . In the Southern part of India , it is known as ‘Vishwakarma Pooja’.

This festival is celebrated on the day of ‘Vijayadashami’. Weapons and others use instrument worship on the same day..ninth day.In modern Times , this pooja is also known as ‘Vahana Pooja’. On this white pumpkin is decorated with vermilion and turmeric in front of vehicles. According to Hindu terminology , it is known as Dharma Shastra Saraswati puja during purva Ashdha Nakshratra.

This festival is a symbol of grand success in the Kurukshetra area.  On these days , special prayers are performed. This festival is a significant festival. On this day people exchange greetings , gifts with each other. On this day , people worship their office or business books. People wear traditional clothes and enjoy this festival by doing ritual works.

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