Happy Akshaya Tritiya 2021 Images, Wishes, Quotes, Status

Akshay Tritiya is one of the popular festivals celebrated in India. This Festival is known as ‘Akti or Akka Teej ‘. This festival falls in the month of late April and End of May. This day is celebrated according to Hindi calendar. This day is celebrated on the third (Tithi) of Bright Lunar (Shukla Paksh ) of Vaisakha Month.

This festival is a traditional festival. This day is known as auspicious day. This festival is mainly celebrated by the Hindus and Jains. This festival is celebrated in Nepal also. This day is celebrated with the great pomp and shower.This day is known as Favourable and bright for new work such as marriages , opening of new ventures and many others.

On this day people visit temples , take blessings. This festival had special value in Hindi times. On this day most people do donation and welfare activities. This day is celebrated with happiness , joy , spirit and energy.

The Reasons behind Akshay Tritiya :

  • On this day , Lord Parsuram was born .
  • On this day , River Ganga descended  on the Earth from the Feet of Lord Vishnu.
  • On this Occasion , Maharishi Ved Vyas ji took Mahabharat.
  • This day is celebrated as ‘Goddess of food (Maa Annapurna)’ born. It is celebrated as their birthday.

From the early morning people take baths , visit temples and worship god. This had special importance in Holy books of Hindus and Jainism. On this day special food varieties practices take place. This day is a favourable day for every new beginning and purchasing.

This festival falls in the season of summer. According to Hindu terminology , on this day most people purchase gold , silver. This festival is celebrated with the pomp and shower. On this day many people commit fast. This day celebration of Jain takes place different from hinduism.

Jains celebrated this day as ‘Tirthankara (Rishabhdev)’. This is celebrated as the end of the year , celebrated as New Year. This day is known as ‘Varshi Tapa’. This day is asusicipious day for them. On this day people fast too. This day had special importance in the culture and religion of Jainism. On this day , they visit Palitana (Gujarat).

According to Hindu terminology , this is a day which provides health and wealth.In odisha  , Rath Yatra is considered in the city of puri. On this day , It is believed that ‘Lord Kubera’ became ‘Lord of Wealth’. This day is also known as ‘third day of unending Prosperity’.

It was believed that lord Krishna’s friend Sudama after a long time visited on this day. On this day , all the auspicious work or events had taken place..that’s why this day had special privilege. This day is also remembrance of our loved ones who had died. On this day people wish each other and visit each other’s house.

Some Believe that the avatar of Vishnu ‘Vasudeva’ was born. On this day value of ‘Abhijit Mahurat’. There is no official holiday that takes place to celebrate this festival. This festival brings prosperity and happiness in the life of individuals. It is believed that the sun changes his direction.

On this day , positivity and freshness splits in the environment. On this day , love , respect and smile takes place in every house. On this day , we should avoid negative cases such as fights etc. Before this festival , cleanliness practices take place. It is believed many negative powers disperse from the house by making puja’s. This is not celebrated across the World. This festival connects family members. Festival is celebrated with our loved ones. 

This festival connects people with its religion and culture. This festival encourages people to forward towards their religion. These Hindu festivals celebrate our future and the favourability of our religion. These festivals had importance and value in the lives of people to forgot tensions and enjoy life with loved ones.

To enjoy this festival more we should visit rural villages . At this time , this is celebrated more effectively at these places with the decoration. In cities this is not celebrated like that. In villages whether small and big, celebrate it with sweet and love. On this day , people conduct special holy events such as puja’s , path etc.

This is an old festival but the privilege regarding this festival has not decreased. This day doesn’t require any advice of panchang. This day is one of the days which doesn’t require any muhurat advicesory. At night , many people lights deepak outside and inside their house.

In 2021 , this festival is celebrated on ‘15 May’.This is a major festival for the people who follow ‘Sanatana Dharma’. This festival’s name comes from the sanskrit term. However the ‘Akshay’ means something remains for a long time or can’t be destroyed  and ‘Tritiya’ is Hindu month. Along with the names formation and reasons , it is known as one of auspicious days.

Akshay tritiya has more value when it falls in Rohini nakshatra. The Auspiciousness increases at that time. It was believed that lords and goddesses come on the Earth to bless their child. This day requires tulsi ,  yellow flowers and ganga jal especially in Puja. This is an best day to complete or commend your favourable work.

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