Gujarat Day 2021

Gujarat Day
Gujarat Day

Gujarat Day is celebrated on 1st May every year. This is a beautiful day for Gujarat and our nation. Because Gujarat is famous in the world for many things and different identity of this state. 

Here some important information about Gujarat. This is all information helpful for readers who want to know about the state.  This following information given in below-

Gujarat is west part of our country.
Capital of Gujarat is Gandhinagar.
Chief Minister of Gujarat is Mr. Vijay Rupani.
State Governor of Gujarat is Acharya Devvrat.
33 districts in Gujarat.
Traditional dance of Guajarat is Garba.
Brand Ambassador of Gujarat is Amitabh Bachchan.

Gujarat is known for their own traditions, culture, and tourism. Many more things are famous there like food, attire, language, folk music, dance etc. This all provides respect to this state. Know one can describe the beauty of Gujarat. 

Gujarat’s Famous things-

Gujaratii Attires- Dhoti, Kurta, Lahanga-Odhani, Choli, Patola sari etc. 

Gujarati Jewellery- Mangal sutra, bengals, loop earrings, necklaces etc.

Gujarati food- Dal or khadhi, rice, shaak, khaman, faafda, dhokli, thepla, poha etc.

Gujarati tourism- Rann of kachh, Somnath Mandir, Gol Kua, Gir national park, Junagarh, Sabarmati Ashram, kheda, Dwarka, Rajkot, Ahamdabad, Gandhinagar, Porbandar etc. 

Gujarat is known for business and agriculture. Mostly growing crops in Gujarat are bajra, wheat, jowar, cotton, tobacco, rice etc. Here is a good agriculture area. 

No one can describe the beauty of Gujarat in the world but this is a beautiful place for everything. Gujarat Day provides information and awareness in people about Gujarat’s traditions and cultures. By this day people know about the Gujarati world. 

Gujarat is a great city in the world because here traditions, culture and tourism always attract people and tourists for visit again and again. Tourists never forget their journey in Gujarat because it is a peaceful and clean city with an educational area. 

Ahmadabad is famous for Sabarmati river. This is the longest river of Gujarat and increases the natural beauty of Gujarat. 

Gandhinagar is famous for Akshardham temple, Indroda Dinosaur park. This is a peaceful destination of Gujarat. 

Gujarat is popular for temple and architecture. This is a good place for everything. This place is always a great city in the country and world. Know we also know about Gujarati things. 

Gujarat’s Porbandar port is famous for transport. This makes it easy to import and export business. Import and export provide foreign money to our nation and this is helpful for the global economy. Economy is part of each nation because this brings development in progressive areas. Progress always increases respect for government and country. This is helpful for competition and growth. 

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