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Good Night Status
Good Night Status

Good Night Status

Good night status is for best and happy night. Good night status is uploaded on all social media. Social media is very trending for all of them. Such as Whats App.Facebook, Instagram, Twitter etc. Internet users are well aware of their Advantage. Good night status is filled with night greetings and blessings. In the night, such statuses are all shared with their respective relatives, friends and closed ones.

Good night states are also filled with love and care. So I like to read these. Such status can be uploaded at night for anyone in a story, status or any post. If you want, you can also tag them with your friends. These statuses occur with Good Night Thought. It brings happiness and smiles on faces in everyone’s life.

Good Night Status Download
Good Night Status Download

Good night status is not read by all. When someone studies them, it is nice to have someone send us. Therefore, returning responsibility to them is also our responsibility. Because of this, such status searches are done. Apart from this, it also likes to upload on social media. Group administrators often do this on social media. This enhances their group members. It also makes their network bigger.

Hum Apko Kabhi Khone Nahi Denge,
Juda Hona Chaho To Bhi Hone Nahi Denge,
Chandani Raton Mein Jab Aayegi Aapko Meri Yaad,
Meri Yaadon Ke Wo Pal Aapko Sone Nahi Denge.
Good Night.

Tu Jahan Bhi Rahe Wahan Meri Duaon Ki Chhaon Ho,
Wo Chahe Shahar Ho Ya Phir Gaon Ho,
Teri Aankhon Mein Kabhi Koi Gam Na Ho,
Bas yahi Dua Hai Meri Ki Khushiyan Teri Kabhi Kam Na Hon,
Good Night.

Jab Raat Mein Unki Yaad Aati Hai,
To Sitaron Mein Unki Tasveer Nazar Aati Hai,
Khojti Hain Nigahen Us Chehare Ho,
Yaad Mein Jiski Subah Ho Jati Hai.
Good Night.

Tu Ye Mat Samajh,
Tujhse Juda Hokar, Hum Chain Se Sote Hain,
Raat Ko Teri Tasveer Dekhkar,
Hum Sari-Sari Raat Rote Hain.

Bin Tere Kaise Guzri Ye Raten,
Raton Mein Satati Hain Teri Yaaden,
Ek Good Night Message Hi Kar Dete Aap,
To Na Tadapte Ese Hum Aaj.

Taron Ke Saye Mein Soya Hai Jag Sara,
Har Kisi Ko Pasand Hai Apna Wala Tara,
Un Taron Me Sabse Pyara Hai Ek Sitara,
Jo Is Waqt SMS Pad Raha Hai Hamara.
Good Night.

Aapki Raat Ki Shuruaat Achi Ho,
Pyar Bhare Sapno Ki Barsaat Achi Ho,
Jinko Din Bhar Dhoondti Rahi Aapki Nazaren,
Rab Kare Sapno Mein Unse Mulaqaat Achi Ho.
Good Night.

Kitani Dilnashi Raat Aayi Hai,
Mere Labon Pe Aapki Baat Aayi Hai,
Hamne To Bahut Koshish Ki Sone Ki,
Lekin Phir Bhi Mujhe Kewal Aapki Yaad Aayi Hai.
Shubh Ratri.

Tanhaiyon Me Muskurana Ishq Hai,
Dil Ki Baat Ko Sab Se Chupana Ishq Hai,
Yoon To Neend Nahi Aati Ishq Me Poori Raat,
Magar Raton Me Sote-Sote Jaag Jana Ishq Hai.
Good Night.

Good Night Quotes

Good night quotes are a sign of better night. It gives us new hops. It brings Better Opportunity to Hopes Life. With this, new direction is found to achieve your goal. It is the best source of happiness. Happy life sweeps away Surrey Stress. That’s why good night quotes look good. Good night quotes.

Good Night Quotes
Good Night Quotes

Good night quotes can be for any person other than social media, whom we love. There is a lot of love in these quotes. So they all like it very much. A relaxed night brings fresh and amazing morning. Good night quotes freshen up the mind. Good night quotes give different light even on black night. It makes the night beautiful.

People share their feelings in Good Night Quotes. Here are some similar good night quotes. You can read and share them.This will bring a smile to your and your friends’ faces. Such are also the memories of life time. It always makes that time fresh in life. Everyone is happy with this.

Throw off your worries when you throw off your clothes at night.

Even the darkest night will end and the sun will rise.

The best bridge between despair and hope is a good night’s sleep.

The sea will grant each man new hope,
and sleep will bring dreams of home.

I just want to say, good night, sweet prince,
may flights of angels sing thee to thy rest.

The darkest night is often the bridge to the brightest tomorrow.

Always end the day with a positive thought.
No matter how hard things were,
tomorrow’s a fresh opportunity to make it better.

Sleeping is no mean art:
for its sake one must stay awake all day.

A ruffled mind makes a restless pillow.

Each night, when I go to sleep, I die.
And the next morning, when I wake up, I am reborn.

“Nighttime can seem longer than the day when you dream big dreams.
Daytime lasts longer for people who make their dreams come true.”

“Make sure to be thankful before bed.
What you think about now will determine the state of your dreams.”

“Your bed is ready to give you a hug,
you should be ready to have a rest,
and say goodbye to all the stress. Good night!”

“Dreams are the best part of life.
If you miss sleep, you miss the best part of life.
So go to bed and catch sweet dreams.”

“I have loved the stars too fondly to be fearful of the night.”

“I like the night. Without the dark, we’d never see the stars.”

“My idea of a good night out is staying in.”

“This is the end of the day, but soon there will be a new day. Keep your spirits up because there are always more chances.”

Good Night For Love

Good night for love. .Love does not sleep without saying good night. If you wish to love, then on this excuse they talk a little more. That’s why good night wishes them. There is no best motive for life without love. Love gives life a direction. They bring a lot of happiness in our life. So good night love is very important. It enhances love and freshens the mood.

Good Night For Love
Good Night For Love

Love God has a very lovely gift. Therefore, it should be handled. Everyone responds to his / her love. That is why they wish good night with love. This deepens each other’s relationships. It always maintains happiness in life. Good night wishes to love, in addition to this, he also prays that he is always with love. Night is dark, but when you are with your partner, then you get rid of every difficulty easily.

Here are the status, quotes for good night love. You share this with your love. They will be happy with you. This will strengthen the relationship between you two. This will always be your friendship. Therefore, there are some things which have become important in life. As soon as you do something for them, instead she returns double.

May your dreams be as soft and sweet as your tender kiss.
Good night my Princess.

May velvety darkness wrap itself around you,
comforting you with its silent embrace,
as you drift peacefully to sleep.

A night so fair, a love so rare,
may God’s hands keep you in His care.
Sweet Dreams my Love.

The stars are notes in the night sky,
twinkling your personal lullaby. Good night love.

Open your heart, and close your eyes.
Feel my love reach beyond the skies.

Our love is a rushing waterfall,
loud and strong, beautiful and deep.
I long to feel its passion again,
but now, my beloved, we sleep.

Good night, my love.

I love you to the moon and back.
Good night, love.

You are the best thing in my life.
Good night, love!

Good night, my love! I want to always be in your thoughts
and heart like you are always in mine.

I will be dreaming of you tonight, sweetheart.
I hope you dream of me too. Good night, baby.

Good night, my love. Know that you are my everything,
and I love you from the depths of my heart. Sweet dreams

Before I go to sleep, I deem it necessary to let you know that one of my goals in life is to never break your heart.
I love you immensely. Good night, honey.

Good night, my love. Know that you are my everything,
and I love you from the depths of my heart. Sweet dreams.

Good Night For Friends

Everyone has friends in life. You can be found anywhere else in life. He shares every happiness and sorrow of his life with them. It makes you feel better. Tame friends with every day whether good morning or good night. Wishes friends with smile, jokes, quotes and greetings. That is why we wish good night to friends and make fun of them.

Good Night For Friends
Good Night For Friends

Good night for friends. Friends are those who know about our every action whether it is a wrong thing or a right thing. Nothing is easy without Friends. That’s why seven comfortable of the fans feel. No matter how much they fight, they can never live without each other. Always happy with them in life.

Similarly, here are the status and quotes for some good night for friends. They bring a smile to your face. You can share this with your friends on social media. Such as Whats App, Facebook, Twitter, or any other networking app. This makes the friendship even more fun. They bring happiness moments in life.

ight, night, to a dear friend! May you sleep well!

May the night fill with stars for you.
May counting every one, give you contentment!

Friend, you make me smile!
I hope you are smiling, while you sleep!

Wishing you comfort, happiness,
and a good night’s sleep!

Now relax. The day is over. You did your best.
And tomorrow you’ll do better. Good Night!

If you’re tired learn to rest, not quit. Good Night.

Good night, friend!
I hope you dream of colorful and fantastic things!

I hope tonight finds you snug,
friend! Have a Good Night!

Good Night, my precious friend!
May you feel safe and loved!

Good night to a friend who is nice and makes everything swell!

Being friends with such a caring person like you is one of the major reasons I am so grateful to be alive. Good night.

Ours is a friendship that is destined to last forever.
Not even the distance between us can change it.
Good night, and sleep tight.

Good night, my friend.
And know that there is always a special place in my heart for you.

Good Night For Wife

Wife is loving and valuable part of life. After marriage, a girl becomes someone’s wife. It is a turning point in their life which is the new direction of life. Wife always cares for a husband. Her whole Family Responsibility Meets Low. She shares every happiness and sorrow of her life with her husband. Husband is her life partner, on whom she can trust even with her eyes closed.

Good Night For Wife
Good Night For Wife

Everyone loves the wife in her life. With this, every day we wish good morning and good night. It increases their love. They maintain a friendship relationship between husband and wife. Good night’s special is filled with love and belonging. So, they wish him every day with new love, good night status, quotes and thoughts. Happiness in the life of both of them. Also makes true to all loving dreams. This also gives an excellent destination to the life of both.

Good night for wife status, quotes etc. are given. You can share this with your lovely wife. She will be happy with this. The two become each other’s strength. He always maintains happiness in his life and keeps away all disasters. Whatever the situation, both of them face it together. Because the two dare each other. For this reason: It is said that a good better half can make a husband successful.

You are my dream come true; I thank God for having met you. Everyday I long to wake up next to you. Good night my love.

The night may be long, but being with makes it sweeter.
Good night my dear wife.

It does not matter how my day was, I always long for the night, to cuddle you all night as you quench my heart. Goodnight my dear.

When the sunrises,
when the sunsets you make me realize my life is the best ever. Good night, babe.

Days and nights will come and go;
my love for you will forever grow. Good night.

When I look at the sky at night,
I can only see one star, you my love. Good night.

Sweet dreams my lovely wife.

To my sweetheart and dream wife.
May you have a wonderful night. Good night!

“There can be millions of stars in the sky,
but you are my one and only moon. Goodnight darling.”

“Each day is a clean slate,
a fresh start, sleep well my dear.”

“I hate those days when I am not able to sleep beside you.
Come back soon my dear.”

“While it is the moon that lights up the sky,
your face is what lights up mine. Goodnight darling.”

“You are my true love. I am lucky to have you in my life. Goodnight, sweet dreams.”

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