Global family day is celebrated every year on January 1 for peace  and sharing the love and care for the entitled for the family as one day of peace and sharing in the united states. Global family day grew up in the United nations.  It is a day to be concerned with spending time with our beloved persons who are  entirely in our family. 

global family day
global family day

The United Nations states that “this annual observance reflects the importance which the international community attaches to families as basic units of society as well as its concern regarding their situation around the world. 

The term indicates the importance of our families who love us unconditionally. This day reminds us to go back for getting close with our family, because due to our busy schedule we don’t have proper time for giving them. 

The United states celebrate this day to show their love, care, respect,and devotion towards them. As it reflects with the term family, it means a lot in its own way. We all know that we are living in a society. And society makes from so many groups of people related to different kinds of families. So families are a part of natural life.

 Global family day is a day to spend enough time together and show them their value in our life. It is an event day with no bounding requirements for celebrating this event with any activity just to pretend. It is a flexible day which reflects easily and no activity needed for the celebration. 

 The theme of this day was as simple as that for gathering everybody in a particular place and spending time with them.  To develop the important role of our family and give value to them. It is a saying that for a kid his first school is his family. So being familiar is good to get a better environment, better job , and respectable culture. We are living in a society and for living in a society we need to be educated enough and sacraments for living together with society. These things are only found in a well managed family so far. 

For making such a valuable bond and good manner for living sense. It’s our responsibility to make them feel special in each and every condition. While we are falling down or fail to achieve any opportunity in our life, that time only our families support us, no one else. So making them happy is our moral duty because they are the reason for our happiness.

There are mainly three reason to celebrate this global family day are ;

  • It is a great time to make family resolutions ;- it is a time of looking forward to new beginnings and generally letting go of past bad and sad moments.  To celebrate every function or occasion together is a blessing for us, the moment was entirely special and the happiness became double with spending time with our family. To show our love,concern,respect,towards them is a day generally known for a day of peace as global family day.
  • We learn the most from our family ;- it is natural that our first teacher is our parent and undoubtedly the first school is our family. So here we can say that we learn from our family a lot. They mean us a lot. We learn so many things from them like loving,caring,leadership,guidance,kindness,good manners,helping nature etc. as it may concern a child to always learn what he faced in their family. Good manners always depend on how the people of our family and society treat us.
  • Appreciate your family, it is the only one you have ;- it is a day for promoting peace by celebrating and acknowledging our family. It is the best day to appreciate our families value and show them concern for their unconditional love towards  us. Global Family Day is celebrated by two-thirds of the world’s population as a “Day of Peace.”

Earth is a one global family so as to make the world a better place to live for everyone. It is a day where individuals and families share food with families especially with the needy.   It is a day of peace or making personal pledges of non violence, and spreading a message of peace and sharing by ringing bells or beating drums for taking a hope with peace for making society and world as a global family.

This day has an alternate name as one day of sharing peace. We should not spread violence in fact we should spread everywhere as humanity , love, non violence ,pittiness,care. It is not a public holiday. The united nation declared it as one day of peace held on Jan 1 . It started about 1997 nearly , when all people in the world would come together in peace and friendship to celebrate and grow closer as a result of the shared celebration.

The aim of this day was to unite people as on the same day according to English calendar, people are used to celebrating this day as the first day of new year, so making peace in our nation and not spreading violence it is a day for celebration for peace. For creating a happy society and non violent global family is the main aim of this event.

There is a saying that a happy family is a pillar of a happy society. Let all the families come together and spread love and brotherhood with each other. Our family is our happiness. Focusing just on our family is selfishness, and focusing on global family is humanity. Family is like branches on a tree and we grow in different roots in one way. So here is a saying that in a house families are happy where god stays.

Hence, it is a day for spreading peace in the world. So wishing a very happy global family day to the world.

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