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Gandhi Jayanti is one of special event days celebrated In India.This event day had one day celebration.This day is celebrated in memory of ‘Mahatma Gandhi’. Jayanti is celebrated as Birth anniversary  of Mahatma Gandhi.This day is celebrated equal to the festival. This event is considered a National Festival.

gandhi jayanti
gandhi jayanti

The Event day named ‘Gandhi Jayanti’ is a combination of Two Words. The First Word ‘Gandhi’ refers to ‘Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi’ and second Word ‘Jayanti’ refers to ‘Victorious’ derived from the sanskrit.Combination of words defines the Victory celebration of Mahatma Gandhi.

This Festival is celebrated in India on every ‘2nd of October’ ..however he was born on ‘ 2 Oct of 1869’. Mahatma Gandhi was a Great Freedom fighter. He had described the meaning of Non violence , patience and unity.His sacrifice and struggle for the independence of India is admirable. This day is marked as Official holiday.

On this day , people remember Mahatma Gandhi and their teachings , speeches. On 2 Oct , the UN general assembly organized this event day with another day celebration named , “International Day of Non Violence’ on 15 June 2007. This day is a tribute and salute to such a great personality who performs many revolutions against the britishers for Freedom of their people of the country.

gandhi jayanti in hindi
gandhi jayanti in hindi

On this day , people honor Mahatma Gandhi by making offerings to their prayers at the Rajghat in New Delhi where he was cremated. This day is celebrated in educational institutions , Government and private offices by performing commemorative ceremonies and many other ceremonies.

On this day , many competitions , plays and drama took place to define the value of Jayanti. On this day , a special music rhythm which is a favourite devotional of Bhajan of mMahatma gandhi named , ‘Raghupati Raghav Raja Ram’. With them (Mahatma Gandhi)their many other freedom fighters which play a vital role in India’s Independence such as , ‘Bhagat Singh , Jawarhalal Nehru , B.R. Ambedkar , Bal Gangadhar Tilak , Dada bhai Naorji , Chitaranjan Das ‘ etc.

Before the day of Gandhi Jayanti there statues were decorated with the flowers.This festival celebration takes place with historical and community values. This festival is celebrated in every state and territory of India.This is a special and significant day for their devotees. On this day , many people avoid drinking (alcohol) and non vegetarian food.

This day is celebrated to draw the attention of people especially towards the future towards a legendary personality and job of hard work by them. This festival defines the importance of freedom which they had dreamed for India. In 2020 , we are going to celebrate the ‘151 birth anniversary’ of Gandhi Ji.

Mahatma Gandhi is considered as ‘Bapu’ which means Father. They were known as ‘Bapu’ because they treat the people similar to them and perform their life journey in this way.He was great scholar ..however he studied their law from the London university from their onwards he had got an spirit of freedom because in London they were suffered by  discriminating on the basis of color.

He had rebuilt the aspects of humanity , forgiveness and truth.In India’s development their contribution is appreciable.This is one of major festivals in which celebration takes place with the tri color flag.On this day , awards and rewards were given to those personalities who had performed the work of gratitude for India.

On this day , many people read books and view the films on Mahatma Gandhi to know more about Gandhi ji and their jayanti.Every community of India celebrates for them.On this day , people worship Gandhi and grant their wishes for the country. On this day , markets offer great offers such as Discount , Sale and free coupons ..due to this great crowd. On this day , public and private plays are full of people. 

Gandhi ji is considered as the Father of the country and his contributions and work defines him in today’s scenario..their picture is on currency of India.He draws the attention of people towards weaving their clothes known as ‘Khadi clothes’. There main revolutions were :

  • Satyagraha movement 
  • Non Cooperation Movement in 1922
  • Salt satyagraha movement in 1930 of 12 March
  • Civil disobedience Movement in 1930
  • Quit India Movement 1942

This power of freedom fighting for India came from fighting in South Africa against the injustice and racial discrimition with people for about 20 Years. He was a great political leader.He was a family person , he had married with the woman named , ‘Kasturba’ and their children were , ‘Harilal , Manilal , Devdas and Manidas Gandhi’. He was a great writer , politician , Lawyer and artist.

He slept in the lap of Bharat Mata on 30 January in 1948 which is celebrated as Matyr’s simple is also known as Shaid Diwas. The reason behind the Mahatma Gandhi death ..he was shot by Gun.The Major celebration took place at the Porbandar because they were born there.

They got their first success in 1918 when he led the champaran and kheda district for justice of labour workers and employers in factories. This festival brings feelings of  happiness , peace , joy , spirit , love , concern and patriotism. On this day , their quotes and messages again remind to India  , some of are:

Wishing you Very Happy Gandhi Jayanti..Celebrate this festival!!

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