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Funny Quotes , this had been referred to with the special character of written skill subjected to laughter and amusement.The Subject had been defined for meaning. The term “Funny”had been received with the expression and emotion of laughter and amusement. The term “Quotes” had been defined for the special character of the poem.

The Combination (funny +Quotes = Funny Quotes) had been defined for that special written skill which manages for the amusing and happiness.This had been not managed for the “Jokes or Chutkule”. It had a specific place over the written memes.

The Word “Funny” had been defined for the “which may cause the expression of laughter and amusement”. Funny had been measured with its word only. This word had been innovated to define the an feel for happiness and delighted. The Funny had been managed for the variables meanings.

This variable meanings had been stated for the ‘Surprise , Strange , difficult to understand and explain’. This considers the emotions of happiness , positivity , innocence , laughter , joy and entertainment. This had been managed for entertainment purposes.

In Earlier times , it had been managed with the group or particularly commencement for entertainment and play. This doesn’t commence for entertainment but for the feelings and meeting people. However , In modern times..This has been quite modified , this has added a flavor which used to make people happy and overcome our problems.

The Funny Quotes had been define in variables languages which would English , Hindi , Bengali and Punjabi etc. This had been managed with the language but the emotions had been pertaining for laughter and amusement.These quotes had not been defined for the physical acceleration but to aspire to the mental association.

The Funny quotes had variability to bring focus from the unfavorable situation (this had been referring to anger , tension etc.). However this poses for quite a small time but manages as for the long time enhancement. This would pertain to favorable conditions (it may not refer to unfavorable conditions like in war , any critical conditions).

These quotes were defined in variable forms like rain , nature , festival etc. These quotes are defined for funny restorations. This had been initiated to make people feel delighted and shining. The Funny quotes had been don’t stated for our feelings and emotions only but define our personality and elegance.

These quotes had been crackle to smile and happiness. This has been defined in various levels and methods. This would be initiated in an effective and elegant manner because sometimes it makes an  unusual expression and bad ones.

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