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Earth Day is a special and important day celebrated around the Globe. This day had been celebrated as an annual event on “22April” every year. This day had been celebrated for environmental awareness , cleanliness etc.This day had been celebrated to thank our planet earth and devoted value to them.

This had been corporate under the mutual consistency and coordination over the Globe. The Motto behind to create an environment and planet awareness among the people. This would not only improve awareness but for an corrective measure to determine.

The Founder of the Earth day named , ‘Mr.Gaylord Nelson’ from an idea of National day.After that U.S. Senator Wisconsin had witnessed it in 1969 in California. Its adaptability had been measured for quite some time.

This day was first celebrated on the 22 April 1970. The Significance based on the protection of the environment. This had been defined in a great network of bunched personalities ..around Earth. Actually calculated defines the network of 193 Countries. In 1990 , it went within the great number of involution of 200 million people around the globe.

In 2016 , The Landmark Paris agreement had been signed between China , the United States and 120 Countries. It had been signed for a climate protection treaty. It was treated in 2015 in the United National Climate Change conference in Paris.

The theme of 2019 defined Protection of Our species. The change includes  Climate change , deforestation , pollution , habitat loss and unsustainable agriculture. However Nelson was awarded for it …as ‘Presidential Medal of Freedom’.

This day is celebrated with great pomp and showers like other festivals..and had special privileges among the people. This had been World day celebration. This day had been celebrated due to the emergence of environmental degradation on our planet. This day denotes for the various phrases regard for the environment as follows:

  • Reduce , Recycle and reuse.
  • Educate.
  • Volunteer clean ups.
  • Water conserve.
  • Plant tree.

This day had given rise to Earth week too.. and celebrated in some countries.This week proclaims for the  particular problems or issues of the environment faced by the World. This would define pollution , cleanliness etc. This day had given to rise other days which are :

  • March for Science (22April2017)
  • People climate globalization (29April2017).

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