Dhammachakra Pravartan Day 2021 hd Images, Quotes, Theme

Dhammachakra Pravartan Day is celebrated as a Festival across the Boundaries of India. This day is a one day celebration. This festival is celebrated in memory of B.R. Ambedkar. This is also known as ‘Dhamma Chakra Pravartan Din’. This day had taken place on ‘14th of October in 1956’.

This day is celebrated because on this day our ‘Father of Constitution “ DR. B.R. Ambedkar” ‘ converted into the religion of Buddhism and approx 600000 of their followers too. This day is celebrated on ‘Ashoka Vijayadashami’. This day is celebrated for the mass conversion.

On this day , several Buddhists gathered at the ‘Deekshabhoomi’ to celebrate this mass conversion. In 2020 , we are going to celebrate the 64th anniversary of Dharma Chakra Pravartan day. This day is celebrated with the grand celebration such as events , campaigns etc.

Dhammachakra Pravartan Day 2020 Images, Quotes, Theme
Dhammachakra Pravartan Day 2020 Images, Quotes, Theme

This day is celebrated to praise Buddhism and their conversion. This day is celebrated to encourage people to convert their religion into Buddhism. This day defines the history of India. This day praises Buddhism. On this day , no official holiday is granted.

The Major celebration takes place in the state of Maharashtra in the city of Nagpur. The Major celebration at the place of Nagpur is regarded as ‘Deekshabhoomi’…because there people and Babsaheb adopted buddhism. It is said that ..Babadsaheb had again established the Buddhism culture which had disappeared from India.

This day is celebrated for the people who converted into buddhism and Our father of constitution. It signifies the teachings of Buddha. This day is celebrated for religious purposes. However, October 2016 , celebrates Diamond anniversary. This is a main festival for the buddhists people.

This day defines the favorability of Buddhism. In 1956 , B.R. Amedhkar defines the people as another face of life. However the first ‘Dhammachakra Parivartan’ was Gautama Buddha.  However the ‘Dhamma Chakra’ is popularly known as ‘Conversion of one religion to another’.

On this day , people practice dhammachakra. It is known as auspicious day. On this day , a large number of dalits assemble to praise and honor the neo buddhists. Railway ministry offers many trains to reduce the rush of buddhists people all over the World. Every year the major celebration is granted by the Buddhists people.

Dhammachakra Pravartan Day
Dhammachakra Pravartan Day

On this day , people honor and worship the Lord Buddha. On this day , Deekshabhoomi had a scary moment with Navyana Buddhists. On this day , people also remind the Babasaheb and their work for India and their people.

This day has defined the history of religious values. This day defines the strength and struggles of a community. In 1935 , Babasaheb committed that , ‘I may have considered  being born a Hindu , but I will never die as Hindu’. He had considered few qualities such as equality , rationalism and creativity.

B.R. Amedhkar was majorly influenced by Buddhism. This day defines the religious and cultural value. This day is known as the most towering act. However this day defines the power of battle Brahminism. 

In 1956 , he planned a proper ceremony . With this he chose the location of Nagpur where the deeksha was practicing. This ceremony is known as ‘Dhamma Diksha’. This is day gives social messages to the people. This day is defined to live a simple and ease life. However the approach of this ceremony is rational , scientific and sociopolitical.

This day brings the emotion of justice , love , liberty , equality , fraternity. This day is marked as a historic day. This day is celebrated with the oral performance such as by using ‘Jai Bhim , Namo Buddhya’. This day doesn’t force the people to convert them to the religion of Buddhism but in other forms too.

The Followers who had taken diksha with the Babasaheb as their followers were Dalits , Adivasi and Bahujans. This day defines the teachings and values of Buddha’s to the World. On this day , the ordination ceremony takes place. On this many devotees of Lord Buddha and Babasaheb take Dharma Parivartan.

This day had been define in History of dalit month. On this day , people perform devotional activity such as devotional practices (puja , special mantras) etc. This day reminds me of the aim of our life. This day is celebrated with family , friends and loved ones. This day connects us with our history. On this day , people know about the legends and their teachings.

This day doesn’t pressure anybody to commit the rituals and perform practice but inspire them to do that. This day defines the value of purity , innocence and pleasure. However , the people who converted into Buddhism known as ‘Navyana’ which means ‘New Buddhists’. This day’s celebration is equal with the festival celebration. 

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