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Chutkule” refers with the word “Hindi community”. It had been refers for the “Something which makes funny or amusing”. In simple words we also subject for the “Joke”. It had been discovered for the amusement , entertainment and Happiness. It had been discovered in ancient times and famous in Modern India , only the name had been changed from the “Chutkule to Jokes”. But this term had been trending in Modern times.

This had been trending with their character and name (mainly). This had been symbolism for the happiness, joy  and caring. This makes an environment of happiness and lovable by anyone. This had been made for the environment and vibes of  Happiness and smile. This explain fun , joy and happiness importance and existence.

This can manage from any negative or depressed with the happiness and fun.This is liked and impressed for any generation , but need to know the limit or level whom for it and whom we are in. The “CHUTKULE”  stands for the amusing and entertainment.

 In ancient times , it had been known for the times of their loved and special ones. At that time it connects Individual with people or then with group and then community. People meet with the reason or way for this.

In modern times , it had also been liked that but had been compared less . People managed with themselves , or in limited group. It had chances to connect people , it they read are as follows , joke or chutkule and crack over in group or in public :

In modern times , it had more value for the candidates because they exist under the busy and serious life. 

This can solve bigger to larger problem and emotions to easy and simple way. The “Chutkule” mainly innovated for the entertainment and togetherness. But the technology had not taken place for it. It had also feels for the emotions , feelings and gestures. It is the best time to make a verbal communication and  to start a conversation.

The Chutkule had been invented for people only. This also goes for the motivation , spirit , energy level and various other moods. This is the best way to entertain self and other with the touching or going with the entertainment. The Chutkule had value more than with other activities like food touch up , tea or coffee conversation. It can be said for the small entertainment . It had more feel add with the marwari and hindi touch up.

This so interesting and innovative which can bring focus of any one. This had been emerged in newspapers , social sites and self. It had a particular subject and managed over particular manner. This requires doesn’t a format and methodology but a specific expression and gestures to admire it. This had been known for that character only. This is known happiness and fun for only.

You must consider with those words which add feels in begging for it. It also lead your personality and emotions. It must be considered with or within basis. It will create memories and moments for you. It should be effective and elegant formatted. It will be as follows:

Thank you!!!! for visiting our site and reading our content , it may hope to provide a way of entertainment and reason to stay happy. It may help and favorable for you!!!!

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