Black Day in India – 14 Feb 2021

BLACK DAY!!, The Starting had been stated for with sadness , innocence , emotional depression , spirit and patriotism. The Naming ceremony had been called “BLACK DAY” Stands for “an vand miserable day for India”. It had the definition of the “Another Martyr Day” which had been known for the “Remember Pulwama”.

However , according to 2018 ….It had been standing for Valentine’s day.It had been specified for love and affection. It had been managed for the lover’s , couples , friendship and special relationships. It had been celebrated with the great pomp and shower. It prefers an environment for the fresh air , happiness , purity , innocence and love over the side.

However this day had been limited to 2018.On the 2019 , It had not been celebrated for that feeling and emotions. This stands for the “Bad or Black or Unlucky” day for us or we can our country’s people (Indian people or public). On this day , the environment had been changed in the “Red color and pertains for the various sounds”. It doesn’t define the Valentine celebration , it had been measured for the “Martyr’s reference”.

By forgetting the “VALENTINE DAY ” , Pertains for the “India and their people references only”.  This day had been preferred for referring to the “pulwama Incident”. On this day ,  a great incident took place which had changed the history of India . This date and day had written in the “Golden Words” in the histories of India.

Actually,The Pulwama Incident takes place are as follows:

On the 14Feb2019 , A Varieties of  four wheeler’s vehicles considering the Army force  or Security personnel on the Way of National High Way of Jammu Srinagar. Suddenly there was a light shed in the form of a bomb (known as suicider bomb) at the “Lethpora ” near the ‘Awantipora’ at the Pulwama District , Jammu and Kashmir in India.

That Light shed was in great effect and sound versatility. It leads to a great impact for that force. This had been effect for a few seconds , leading to loss to the lives and that criteria too.This had caused not to destroy the lives but our Nation (India) internally within it. It had taken place when great adjournment of celebration of love had been grieved among the Nation by their peoples.This day had taken the lives of around “40 Central Reserve Police Force”. It took place around noon which is “3.15 p.m. near by that”.

This had taken all the lives not that reserves , but all the country of their people. It had broken the Indian with not only physical but mental ones. On that the environment had been placed for red but for not the occasion of valentine. This had been referring to compatibility with the Soldier’s blood color. It pertains to the fresh air to the lives taking ones , feeling of love to sadness and depression. That time the environment becomes saddest , depressed and miserable for the times of Indian people. 

This led to a great impact on families of Indian , mostly for the lives of Army families. This news refers to great criteria which we can’t define for the. On that day , the Motherland had survived over the lives of their son’s. This had not taken our people but also our emotions and feelings. On that Motherland had seen the river of Red blood , Nature of Death of Bodies and heard a crisis’s versatility. It had not taken the lives of quiet individuals but also the Many families or houses.

The News had grieved from it as a “Planned Incident”.It known for that schedule (they were waiting for the transformation of security force to jammu criteria) only.The Responsibility ( remember Pulwama Strike) had been claimed Pakistani Individual know for the Islamist group , which is Group of “Jaish -e Mohammedh”.It had been claimed for the known personality named as “Adil Ahmad Dar” a local member from the Phulama District. India had blamed Pakistan for that planning. However , Pakistan had denied or didn’t consider this recommendation for the planning of this incident.

It doesn’t matter for who  or whom they have done it for. The Main materialize deprived for that incidence among , it had taken lives of Innocent personalities for not known and miserable reasons. The Main focus deprived for it had not taken lives in particular but in number. It is very sad and deprived for their families to see them in the broken positions or caged in trunk styled. 

This Incident had taken place in heart , minds of country people because this was a different and tearing sacrificing situation or incident measured by the security force for our motherland (India). It makes us feel proud , motivated , spirit and happy for our army or soldiers who have done this for us.This day had special and impressive value over the sacrificing or martyr’s day. This  day had been added to Martyr’s day known as “BLACK DAY OF 14 FEB2019”.

We should respect and value their sacrifice and their families who had born the brave sons. By forgetting an international valued occasion , on this we should be celebrated and remembered …Thank them. This incident was heartbreaking and impressive. We should also have spirit and value for those grievances.

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