Best Places to Celebrate New Year in Tripura

New Year is coming with happiness, fun and a lot adventures. This Year is about to passed away and the New Year is begins to start. The goals, plans, achievements all that you have to accomplish in the upcoming year so, New Year is the best time of this all activities.

This is the time to forget all the bad past memories and look forward with positive vibes. People celebrate the New Year in their own way. The grand parties, get to gather and many of the events or functions were held on this day. It is also like the other festivals.

Every year you celebrate your New Year in your town. So, this New Year try something new, go for a tour of Tripura. It is such a nice place for outing. The beauty of the Tripura surely excites you. There are the different people in the world with different choices. The different people celebrate their New Year different style some hangout with their parties, some throw parties, some decided to stay at home and celebrate with their family and the remaining make plans for the celebration of the New Year outside the town.

The celebration of the New Year outside the town is a such nice idea for the this celebration. This New Year you should celebrate your New Year outside your city to make it more fun and special. There are some of the places for grand celebration of the New year.

  • Neer Mahal
  • Pagli Masi
  • Goddess Kamaleshwari
  • Heritage Park
  • Kuala Lumpur
  • Unakoti
  • Pilak
  • Sipahijala Wildlife Sanctuary
  • Jampui Hills
happy new year eve
happy new year eve