Best Places to Celebrate New Year in Mizoram

The occasion of the New Year is very special for everyone because it is the time of the full of enjoyment, and excitement. It is the time when you can forget all the problems and enjoy the celebration. It is celebrated by whole world grandly.

It is good idea to celebrate the New Year outside the town. If you are searching the places for the celebration of the New Year. Your search is ends up here. Mizoram is the best place for New Year’s celebration.

Mizoram is also termed as ‘Songbird of India’. It is situated in the northeastern India. The culture, tradition and grand festivals of the Mizoram had unique charm, cheer and joy which can’t be explained in the words, it can be feel only. It is one of the smallest state in India.

It offers you cheer, charm , calm and atmosphere of relief. The beautiful green surroundings of the Mizoram keeps you closer to the nature’s beauty. The New Year in Mizoram is celebrated with the grand festivals, beautiful dresses of people and delicious food.

Hope this New Year your all wishes and dreams come true. This Year brings lot of happiness and success in your life.

  • Vantawang Falls
  • Phawngpui Hills
  • Phulpui Grave
  • Memorial of Chhingpui
  • Thenzawl
  • Palak Lake
  • Mountain Biking in Hmuifang Hill
  • Trekking in the Virgin Forests
  • Khuangchera Puk