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best friend quotes

Best friend is a gift given to God, which very few people find in me, I am very happy that I got my best friend. My best friend’s name is Monica and I call her affectionately Monya, we both love each other very much, we are with 1st class and today we are graduated even today we are together

Our parents also love both of us so much that she is my crime partner. My best friend is my sweetheart. I can do anything for her and she can do anything for me. Whenever I get angry with her she celebrates with lots of love. I share all my secrets with her, she is my personal diary which is always personal

Both of us have been together since childhood, have a lot of love, eat food together, we used to wear the same clothes, she always supports me whenever I need, she always helps me, she always stays with me and we always She will be together after graduation, she gets married and joins to give a job, yet we are together when she comes

We live together, we have many people who are jealous of our friendship, we talk on the phone for hours, everyone gets upset with us that what we talk so much, but our things do not end, we will live with life time. Everyone loves our friendship very much. Whenever we go, we go together

Best Friend Quotes
Best Friend Quotes

When we were in school, we used to go to school together and always used to sit close by and never went to school, then she used to help me do my homework and make notes and tell me what was happening in class, any of my problems. I never leave me. Many friends have come in my life but there is no one like him, I pray to God, always keep him happy, he will get everything he needs.

She is my best friend as well as my very good sister, when we are together, we have a lot of fun, after my family, my best friend is the one I trust the most, she is like my family member, we will talk one day. If we do not, we feel like When she is with me, I do not need anyone, whenever she goes out to the market, she brings something to me and wherever she goes to roam, we go for a walk together.

That is the part of my life without which no work is complete without which my life is incomplete without which my story is incomplete, it is an important part of my life, my best friend always gives me the right advice without any hesitation. You can say anything to him. My best friend is that part of my life that I don’t have to think before I say anything

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