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American Independence Day is celebrated every year on 4 of July in the United States. Many years ago in 11776 people spoke for freedom. It had 13 countries. This day is celebrated as a Historic Day and Independence Day.

Currently, the United States population is 32.82 million.
The capitol of the United States is Washington.
The United States Establishment took place in 1955.
The foundation of the United States took place on 4 July 1776.
The President of the United States is Donald Trump.
Is the United States currency dollar whose sign is “$”
The United States has 50 states.

American Independence Day (United States) 2020
American Independence Day (United States) 2020

America is also known as United States. Some of the 50 states included in the United States are California, Alaska, New Mexico, Colorado, Nevada, Maryland, Virginia etc. They all form a united state. All these states also have independence.

America has been far ahead of all countries. Such as to test nuclear power, to do different searches on space, in technology systems, in economy systems, etc.

Everyone has the right to freedom. Freedom has also been included in fundamental rights. People who live under someone’s right have the right to speak for it, they make other people aware of it.

american independence day
american independence day

America has increased its country’s pride in all countries by attaining independence. That is why America celebrates its Independence Day with great pleasure. It is also remembered as a historic landmark day.

When did America gain independence?
America attained independence on 17 July in 1776. That is why it is celebrated on this day.

How many states are there in America?
There are 50 states in the US.

What was America before independence?
America did not become a country before independence. It was an individual state.

On the Every year of ‘4th July’ the celebration takes place. This celebration takes place at the America ….as it was known Independence day (America). This day is celebrated with the great level such as fireworks , social gatherings , flag hosting , concerts , parades and various other performances and activities takes place. This day is also known as birth or Establishment of United States of America.

The America got freedom and their rights on ‘4th July of 1776’. This day is important because they got their particular identity among the World. Now the America is known as independent Nation. This day regards an evidence of their independency and rights. This day is consider public holiday in America. This day is pride for the America and their peoples.

On this day celebration takes place in schools, universities, Government offices .Zones and privates zones also. This day is associated with the events, campaigns and rallies. This day enlightens the sacrifices, struggles committed by their people for freedom. This day is not proclaimed with the celebration but to recognize and salute the freedom fighters, hero and heroines.

This day …events define the importance of freedom and particular identity. However the America had attained with the speed development after their independence. Now, the America had been listed in the most powerful country. The Continental congress had declared the Independence. The dream of this day taken by every American …in 1776 it had become true with the help of unity of America.

Various revolutions, campaigns, strikes and events had taken place to come true the dream of freedom. However it had taken many lives, houses, families but the spirit hadn’t loose ….Independence reached. This day marks as patriotic day in America. This day is important for the every child of America. This day defines the value and importance of freedom.

This day is only claimed as federal holiday or celebration…On this day praise events also takes which awards the personalities who had done something for their country. This day feels an special and delighted every person of America. This day had brought focus of people about the great history of America…which had given happiness, joy to their people.

This day and their before events (for the independence) would be remind able and written in golden words in the histories of America. This day educate the people about the feelings and spirit for freedom. However the freedom got on ‘2nd July’ but it had taken time for the arrangements, votes etc. This day adds a flavor of interest when verbal communication commits …means speeches, slogans etc.

This day scheduled with picnics, competition etc. which motivate the people to do more for our country. This day is brings an courage to the people to do something for the country …however the day is not required the it should do voluntary for the country. This federal holiday become more emotional and attached with the people after the war of 1812 with the Britain.

On this day the time of Flag hosting the music of ‘The Star- Spangled Banner’ rhythm rhyme..this is called as National anthem (of America). This day is regarded as one of important day for America and called as festivals. However this day feels like this..Country people and the patriots make it so.

 This day is celebrated as anniversary of America. This day committed the development and identity of the country among the World. This day is also known as ‘Forth of July’. On this day every zone whether the economic, social zones involved for the celebration. The Celebration takes place at the Great level. This day defines the reports , graphs and conditions of country and taken corrective measures to overcome and defend it.

This day enlightens the whole America…on this day every person’s shines with the gratitude on their fighters. Not only the one flag hosted on ‘Forth July’ but at many houses and buildings too hosted flag. People of the country arranges patriotic music and fireworks etc. This day is celebrated with the positive and favorable aspects of United States.

On this day markets offers great discount and skims. The Great crowd takes place at social places. On this day after the celebration people planned their weekend and manage their day in their own way. The Impressive fireworks at the night lighten the America which telecast at the television. On this day many politicians reveals the history , support and future possibilities.

The Statue of Liberty is sign of freedom monuments. On this day public places decorated and crowded with the people. On this day people thanks and pray for the patriots. This day is emotional day for the every people of America. However this day is celebrated in 2020 of ‘Saturday of 4th July’. This independency signed in the documents by the congress.

This day honor with the poems, slogans etc. which makes the day of people. This day is known as ‘Birthday of America’. They celebrated it as historic events. The decoration and theme mostly prevails in white and blue color. Forth July is known as ‘formation of United States’. This day is claimed the independence from the England ..With it 13 colonies also got freedom.

Very Happy Independence Day!!!!

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