Happy Birthday

Happy Birthday In today’s era, everyone knows about it and celebrates it every year.

But children are more excited about birthdays and the parents also take care of the happiness

Of their children and fulfill their wishes on their Birthday, bring a cake for them and call their friends home.

Birthday Topics:-

  • Why we celebrate birthday.
  • Reasons to celebrate your birthday.
  •  How to wish on birthday.
  • Why be celebrate birthday with cake.
  • Different ways of celebrating birthday in India.

Why we celebrate birthday:-

The idea of celebrating the date of your birth is a pagan tradition pagans thoughts that evil spirits lurked on the days of major changes, like the day you turn a year older .when you celebrate your birthday, you acknowledge your existence on the earth. No matter what kind of family you born into or what your past looks like, you are here to live your life to its fullest, celebrating your birthday is a way to thank god for allowing you to born and live to see another birthday 

Why be celebrate birthday with cake:-

We celebrate birthday with cake  because by cutting the cake it cuts the evils and shows the time passed out by us, the years that we enjoyed. We celebrate the upcoming ages, our dreams, desires by cutting the cake. In Germany, where a candle was supposedly placed on the cake to represent “the light of life” today most western cultures celebrate birthday with cake 

Reasons to celebrate your birthday

  1. It’s the day of your birth when your born 
  2. You might never get a chance again 
  3. Being grateful to god 
  4. You own a day to yourself  
  5. Make more opportunities to love yourself 
  6. It reconnect you
  7. It give a chance for self pampering
  8. It will give you an unforgettable memory
  9. Another step a head
  10. Gifts and treat all the way

5 Best wishes on birthday

  1. I hope your special day will bring you lots of happiness, love, fun. You deserve them a lot, enjoy!
  2. All things are sweet and bright. may you have  a lovely birthday night 
  3. Don’t ever change! stay as amazing as you are, my friend
  4. Let’s light the candles and celebrate this special day of your life. Happy birthday my sweet heart
  5. Happy birthday to my best friend , the one I care about the most

Different ways of celebrating birthday

Children celebrating their birthdays go to schools in new brand clothes and accessories such as bracelets and necklaces

On the morning of their birthdays, Indian children first visit shrines (temples) with their parents and are blessed. Then, according to the caravan, the birthday children enjoy the rare gifts of wearing new, colored clothes to schools instead of the typical uniform. They also pass out candy to everyone at the school with the help of a special friend. At home, the celebrations are even more grand. For children and adults alike there are big dinner parties with catered and traditional Indian food. Some of the most popular dishes are biryani, which is a spicy fried rice, with gravy, curry, chutney and various vegetable dishes. For dessert, Gudh Pak, sweets and fruits salad, juice, ice cream or rice pudding, is served with various fruits and nuts. Sometimes these parties include dancing all night. For children, often partygoers pop a balloon filled with confetti so the sparking bits rain down upon them

Adults often spends their birthdays with friends at bars where they eat, dancing and drink, with bartenders preparing a special drink just for them  

  1.  Cake feeding
  2.  Custom of aarti , pujas (prayers) are usually performed again at the home typically led by the eldest female member of the family
  3.  New clothes, parties and dancing.

But if you do any work, then you should know the motive behind doing it. 

It is also the same way, if we know the reason for celebrating Birthday, then we can make it better.

History of Birthday Celebration

Birthday celebrations started in Germany and it started with the intention of protecting children from evil spirits by cutting such cakes. Birthday was celebrated. Over time, the way of making cakes also changed. Previously cakes were made with only flour and sugar. Now the cake is made with the taste of all fruits and chocolate. To impress children, the cake is shaped like a toy.

Along with this, a tune is also sung on the birthday “Happy birthday to you” This tune is composed by two sisters. This tune has also been included in the Guinness Book of Records. This is the most sung tune every year. This tune is used to greet the birthday with this, all congratulations and blessings on the birthday.

People also visit the temple on birthday to seek the blessings of God and wish that the life ahead is enjoyable. Birthdays should always start with the blessings of elders, in our Indian culture, children are always taught this.

By the way, in today’s time, when the birthday is talked about, it is given a lot of importance, whether it is the birthday of elders or youngsters. Even the birthday of pets is celebrated.

The big thing is that Birthday is celebrated not only till the person is alive but also after his death.

The birthday of the great hero of our country is celebrated in his memory all over India.

  •  Dr. Sarvepalli Radha krishnan Birthday is celebrated as Teacher’s Day
  •  Pandit  Jawaharlal Nehru Birthday is celebrated as Children’s Day

We celebrate Birthday every year because we can thank god for that one day of our busy life when we came to this world that we were given the opportunity to come into this world.  

Everyone expresses their love on their birthday. The way to show everyone’s love is different. If someone gifts and expresses love, then someone blesses. On the birthday of anyone there is a different eagerness of happiness in the family. The arrival of a new member at home is a matter of great happiness for the family. In today’s era, from the birth of the child till the age of one year, the birthday is celebrated every month. It is their happiness and enthusiasm.

Birthday Gifts and Present

It’s that time again when we start thinking of giving gifts to our closer ones, our soulmate, friends, teacher, mother, father, younger brother, elder sister, grandparents, boyfriend, and girlfriend? But unable to decide what to give them. So here is some basic idea to give a present to our lovable person.

Gift words come from the old Germanic root for “to give”. It referred to an act of giving, and then, to the thing being given. In old English it meant the dowry given to the bride’s parents.

Gifts and present mean essentially the same things. A gift is something more general and might not be a physical item wrapped and presented at an occasion. A present is usually something given to someone on the special occasion or at a special event.

A gift or a present is an item given to someone without the expectation of payment or anything in return. An item is not one to whom it is given. Although gift-giving might involve an expectation of reciprocity, a gift is meant to be free.

Here are some clues to give gifts to your closer one-

Gift to our parents

Gift to our parents like so many people, everyone finds their parents to be her best friend. They have been there for us through some rough times and have always continued to support us.

I know that we could show her a bit more appreciation, so here are some heartwarming gifts that will totally adore in order to give them the thanks they deserve.

Remind your parents how much you love them- for that u can give her bracelets in which I love you mom and dad has been written.

  • A collection of letters that you’ve been writing for years
  • A throw pillow to remind her you’ll never forget home
  • A family tree bracelet that can carry their kids whenever they goes

Gift to boyfriend, girlfriend

Gift to boyfriend ,girlfriendwe all faces the Same situation when we are in the relationship, no matter how long you’ve been dating how well you think you know each other, finding the perfect gift is like trying to find a needle in the haystack the size of the whole damn interest. Gifts must contain things that remind both of us the importance of each other and the most valuable time that we had together. its 

Birthday Gifts for Anniversary

it is critical for married couples to remember the day of their wedding anniversary and celebrate it. A thoughtful gift is a nice way to celebrate this fantastic occasion. An anniversary could also be the opening of a new business, and this is a way to show the person that you remembered them during a special moment in their lives.

Reasons to Give Someone a Gift

Gifts, a way of expressing love, friendship bonds

Gifts, a way of expressing love, friendship bonds– giving gifts is a demonstration of self satisfaction, and it’s a wonderful way of strengthening bonds in relationships, friendships. If you want to show your friend or loved one.

How much you care, giving gifts is a good way

How much you care, giving gifts is a good way to do that and it doesn’t have to be a special event or occasion before you demonstrate your love. Gifts help in showing how much you love someone. Giving gifts are good ways of showing your sincerity.

Gifts to acknowledge someone special

Gifts to acknowledge someone special– kind words and compliments are wonderful gifted but sometimes, something palpable goes a long way especially if you are looking to show appreciation. Corporate and business owners can also give their workers gifts to thank them for their diligent work or for their unflinching commitment to the firm.

Gifts for advancement or new jobs

Gifts for advancement or new jobs– a new job is something that gets most people excited. It is an event that leaves one with a sense of satisfaction and fulfillment, and you can make it more exceptional by celebrating with them by giving gifts.

Gifts for passing exams or achieving high grades

Gifts for passing exams or achieving high grades– parents and guardians can reward their children who work in the school to maintain high grades. Gifts motivate and inspire the children to strive better in the school.

 But we should keep in mind that there are many people in the world who never celebrate their birthday, no one even has enough money to buy a cake for their children. We can do so much. On your birthday, given them a gift with those people with more wealth, they cut the cake as well as finish it. If you need the same cake as a hungry person, then it will also fill its stomach and you will get blessings. It is necessary to stop this trend of ruining the cake for your fun on the Birthday otherwise it will become a tradition.

 You should know the reason for celebrating her birthday.